US Partner Success Attribute #3: Alignment with Microsoft

I’m excited to contribute to this series of posts regarding the five attributes of successful Microsoft partners. In case you missed them, here’s the post about the first attribute, Customer-Obsessed, and the second attribute, Differentiated Value Proposition. This post is about success attribute # 3 – Alignment with Microsoft.

During Microsoft Inspire, I introduced this success attribute during the US Area General Session.

I had the pleasure of talking with Mike Reinhart, the CEO of Quisitive, winner of the US Country Partner of the Year Award. Quisitive is a partner that exemplifies the “gold standard” of alignment with Microsoft. The company has been partnering with Microsoft for more than 20 years and has achieved robust, organic growth, including an IPO and listing on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada last year. Quisitive is a full cloud provider, helping customers with their digital transformation journeys.

Mike and I discussed three best practices for staying aligned with Microsoft.

Understand where Microsoft is going

Make sure you know where the company is going and how your business aligns with what’s coming next from a strategy and technology perspective. One way you can do this is by watching Satya Nadella’s Microsoft Inspire Corenote.

Understand the partner programs

There are many programs and benefits for partners via the Microsoft Partner Network, from Go-to-Market offerings to P2P (partner to partner) collaboration. Take time to understand the programs and benefits, and specifically the ones which align to your business and customers.

Do a mapping process

Once you understand Microsoft’s strategic direction and have reviewed the Microsoft Partner Network programs and benefits that align to your business, the final step is to map those to your business. Essentially you need to “institutionalize” them into your business rhythm. For example, individuals across your organization need to understand where and how the specific programs apply to the business outcomes you’re trying to achieve. The next step is understanding how to measure the programs, and then having an accountability in place to deliver jointly with Microsoft.

Thanks again to Mike for sharing his insights at Microsoft Inspire. Stay current on all your partner benefits and programs on the Microsoft Partner Network website, and right here on the US Partner Community Blog.

Watch to learn why our partners value alignment with Microsoft:


Casey McGee, in partnership with Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integrators Ecosystem, helps the company realize the mission of Helping Every Person and Every Organization on the Planet Achieve More. In his current capacity, he leads Microsoft’s Partner Development in the United States focusing on driving cloud growth and company transformation. Previously, he was the Chief of Staff for the President and EVP of Microsoft’s Global Sales Marketing and Operations based in Paris, France where he served on the Leadership Team covering all the countries Microsoft serves.  Casey also spent time as General Manager for Strategy Marketing and Operations in Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support group. Prior to joining Microsoft, Casey spent seven years as a Software Account Executive selling CRM and Microsoft software to Enterprise Customers. 

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