The new, streamlined CSP Microsoft Customer Agreement

Better experience for partners and customers

Microsoft is updating the purchase experience to better support all customers, whether they’re beginning a digital transformation or securing their place in a competitive market. Enable your customers to start using products and services faster by adopting the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA), a simplified, non-expiring contract, which effectively replaces the current Microsoft Cloud Agreement.

Partner benefits

Partners benefit from simplified agreement management. Now you have the option of directing customers to Microsoft to manage the agreement process, including accountability for customer acceptance and maintaining the agreement record.

Partners can learn if a customer has already accepted the universal MCA through another channel. These customers can now skip re-signing and partners can implement solutions faster.

Customer benefits

Customers save time with a single streamlined agreement. Terms are updated dynamically, and it never expires. Agreement terms follow the customer, so they can purchase across channels without the need to re-sign the same terms. *

*Customers who begins with a partner-attested MCA in Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) will be required to re-sign the agreement for other channel purchases.

So, what’s changed?

The new Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) simplifies the customer purchasing experience and gives partners more options for helping customers stay compliant.

Modular terms

One flexible agreement with modular terms designed for geographic and segment relevance replaces various agreements for different offers and programs.

No more renewals

Evergreen agreement replaces renewal requirements for expired subscriptions.


Agreement follows the customer rather than being limited to a specific purchasing channel.

Purchasing options

Expands purchasing access to all offers available from first- and third-party providers on the new commerce platform rather than limiting purchases to existing offers within the CSP channel.

Partner choice

Gives partner the option to direct customers to Microsoft to accept agreement rather than mandating partner attestation.

What do I need to do?

Partners are obligated to ensure that customers accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement before purchases in CSP are made, whether through attestation or directing customers to the Admin Center (coming later in 2020).

Upgraded process: Attestation by partner

Partner facilitates and reports customer’s acceptance of the agreement to Microsoft.

Confirmation process:

  • Partner uses Partner Center web interface or API to confirm customer approval of MCA.
  • Partner maintains agreement records.

Next steps

Use the transition period (October 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020) to transition all customer purchases in CSP to the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

Important dates:

October 1, 2019 – the new MCA is available in CSP; attestation capabilities are available in Partner Center

November 1, 2019 – MCA required for purchasing new Azure plan offer in CSP

January 31, 2020 – attestation via Microsoft Cloud Agreement removed from Partner Center; full transition to Microsoft Customer Agreement

I have questions

The MPA is designed to streamline the way you do business with Microsoft. We’re here to help you stay compliant and continue bringing value to customers.

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