Microsoft Partner Network Marketing Benefits

Partners make more possible.

That’s why Microsoft has invested in Microsoft Partner Network Marketing Benefits, a portfolio of best-in-class market content and programs to help you successfully accelerate time-to-market, generate demand, and expand your business.

They are self-service and self-paced based on your company’s specific go-to-market needs.

We will be publishing a series of posts to introduce and dive a little deeper into each go-to-market resource. We know you’re busy, so we’ll get to the point so you can start putting these resources to work for your company.

Powerful marketing resources built into your membership

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand

Consider this your own digital marketing assistant. In three clicks or less, partners can access and share comprehensive digital campaigns that include customizable marketing materials and sales resources. Each campaign rolls out every Monday morning, in 10-12 week cycles, and includes prewritten copy for your social, email, website or blog.

Sales Enablement Program

Find, create, and share the latest Microsoft marketing content directly from your Microsoft Office 365 apps. The Qorus Content Hub connects you with content and data to help you close more deals. Microsoft partners are increasing productivity and sales velocity by 20% by using Qorus Content Hub, which comes fully stocked with Microsoft Partner Network content to help your sales team find the best customer-facing content and get to market even faster.

Smart Partner Marketing

Your resource for on-demand training and resources to help transform your business with digital marketing. Start by assessing where you are on your marketing journey with the Partner Benchmarking Tool, then skill-up your team with OnDemand training tailored to the principles, strategies, and tactics that will strengthen your impact.

Partner Marketing Center

A digital content library for fully customizable, ready-to-go, solutions-specific marketing, sales, and readiness materials. Partner Marketing Center includes customer pitch decks, pre-written emails, and marketing assets to leverage in your campaigns.

Marketplace Benefits

When you publish to Marketplace, we provide sales, technical, and marketing support to accelerate your offer’s growth. Build credibility through collaborative PR, optimize your Marketplace or AppSource listing with the help of Rewards team experts, and access promotional benefits for you and your customers.

Geo-Expansion Readiness Assessment

Thinking of expanding to new markets? The geo-expansion readiness assessment helps determine the solidity of your approach to when, where, and how to expand.

Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment

Looking to forge new partnerships within the Microsoft Partner Network? This assessment will walk you through your business model, partner or channel strategy, and other business functions to determine your company’s readiness to connect and collaborate with other Microsoft Partner Network members.

Stay Tuned: Microsoft Partner Network Marketing Benefits spotlight

In the coming weeks, we’ll spotlight each of these resources through more in-depth posts. In the meantime, review the resources below or head over to our Marketing benefits website to learn more.

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