CSP New Azure experience

The new Azure commerce experience in Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) became available on November 1, 2019, with new features to streamline the customer experience and give CSP partners more consistency across sales motions.

Digital technologies are changing the way organizations provide value. As our customers have become increasingly equipped in accessing Marketplace offerings on their own, they are looking for partners who do more than facilitate a transaction; they want specialized consultative assistance, value-added services, deep skills, and experience aligned to their industry and needs.

Microsoft is committed to helping partners meet those customer needs by investing in ongoing innovation; in this case, evolving our commerce platform to support the new managed services and value-added IP offerings that partners have said lead to higher gross margins.

The new Azure experience will allow you to build your business in two directions:

  • Attract more customers through enhanced selling features
  • Focus on higher-margin value-added activities through new tools and capabilities

Here are a few of the big changes you’ll see:

Alignment across sales motions

The new Azure consolidates all offers into one universal catalogue with a common USD pricelist, providing greater transparency for partners and customers. You can expand your portfolio of services in CSP by offering customers the latest innovations as soon as they’re available through self-service or Microsoft field-led channels.

Management tools

Azure Cost Management tools help you run a tighter business. Advanced analytics including organizational cost and usage patterns, as well as Reserved Instance and Azure Hybrid Benefit use, provide insights for confident adjustments and optimization.

Azure Lighthouse provides cross-customer management features designed to reduce manual operational tasks and build efficiencies with scale. Partners can reach customers across all Azure services and under whatever licensing channels your customers choose. Customers benefit from better visibility and partners can deliver a differentiated service offering.

Partner-earned credits

Gain recognition by offering differentiated value-added services that focus on driving customer success. The partner-earned credit model is a new approach that rewards key partners who invest themselves in providing value-added services that generate sustainable profits.

Transition tools

Partners will have the ability to prepare for and transition existing CSP Azure customers to the Azure experience in CSP, over time. To prepare for the new Azure offer partners must do some pre-work. This prework includes integration of APIs into systems, evaluating customer’s managed services needs to understand any impact of partner earned credit, evaluating/communicating exchange rate influence on pricing for customers and determining if additional Azure subscription opportunities exist.

There will be a transition period when both Azure offers are available in CSP jointly. This will allow partners and their customers to move to the new Azure experience at their own pace.

What do I have to do?

First, make sure that you’re up to date with the new Microsoft Partner Agreement and partner security requirements.  You’ll need this to continue servicing customers through CSP. Next, start transitioning your customers to the Microsoft Customer Agreement replacing the Microsoft Cloud Agreement in CSP for all offers, all customers. The simplified agreement framework covers all CSP partners and customers and will only have to be signed once – no expiration, dynamically updated.

I have questions

The new Azure experience is designed to make your experience as a Microsoft partner even better. We’re here to help you and your customers make this transition.

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