Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Adoption Framework

As a One Commercial Partner Cloud Solution Architect, I work with many of Microsoft’s federal and private sector partners. Many times, we are asked by our partners, “How do we help our customers begin their journey to the cloud?”

The answer? The Cloud Adoption Framework!

What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is proven guidance that’s designed to help create and implement the business and technology strategies for cloud adoption.

The framework provides best practices, documentation, and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision makers need to successfully achieve their short- and long-term objectives.

Figure 1. Lifecycle of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

The Cloud Adoption Framework’s migration component has a lifecycle that begins with the important question Why cloud? The various drivers to cloud include mandates, adoption of new capabilities, or disrupting the market with new products and services. The framework goes beyond strategizing as it dives deep into planning, skilling, building that first landing zone, and migrating workloads.

This is followed by the governance component: governing and maturing operations of the cloud investment.

Partners in commercial and government sales & implementation will benefit from understanding the lifecycle of the Cloud Adoption Framework, as it will enable them to help their customers and deliver a successful migration to the cloud.

This is the first in a multipart blog series that will dive deep into the lifecycle components and the tools of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

The next blog will focus on the first step of the Cloud Adoption Framework’s migration component: how to strategize with your customers to define (or refine) their cloud strategy. This post will help you guide your customers in selecting their first workload to migrate into the cloud.

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