The Qorus Content Hub – a sales enablement platform

Your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network includes marketing benefits that you can put to work to accelerate your time to market, generate demand, and expand your business. In addition to the Digital Content Marketing OnDemand resources we looked at last month, our sales enablement benefit allows you to find, create, and share the latest Microsoft marketing content directly from your Microsoft Office 365 apps.

The Qorus Content Hub Office Add-In is a game-changer, putting high-quality, customizable content at your fingertips. It is connected to the Microsoft Partner Network content library and streams content directly to your Office applications. Signing up for sales enablement platform, you’ll benefit from:

  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Improved customer win rates

Incorporate the latest Microsoft content into your materials

Qorus Content Hub is built right into your Office 365 apps like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Search text or use partner-friendly filters to drill down into solution areas, products, or type of content until you find the right resource.

Customer-facing materials include presentations, email templates, solution sheets, white papers, sales play cards, and more. Smart fields allow you to personalize templates and content for a human touch. Combine content elements from different sources to suit your marketing and sales needs.

Visually preview, save for later, use, and send – all without leaving Microsoft Office 365.

Improving the value and impact of your marketing content

The Qorus Content Hub helps you improve the quality and value of your marketing content. Each building block has been expertly designed so you can combine and create tailored materials while ensuring consistent messaging to customers.

Track the usage and performance of those materials

Monitor the effectiveness in your sales and marketing efforts with real-time insights into how your documents are received, how your audience engages with your content, and what they find most valuable. Use this information to refine your strategy and improve ineffective content. See how team members are creating and collaborating on content and integrate Qorus data with your existing analytics platform for richer reporting insights.

Ready to take your marketing content to the next level with Microsoft’s sales enablement platform?

Sign up now for Qorus Content Hub.

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