Marketplace Rewards: Benefits for Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource publishers

Your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network includes marketing benefits that you can put to work to accelerate your time to market, generate demand, and expand your business. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been digging into how each of the seven best-in-class programs has been designed to make your marketing more effective.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen online marketplaces transform the market for enterprise software, with buyers wanting to discover, try, and even buy and manage their purchases online. Forrester estimates that by 2023, 17% of all B2B transactions in the US will happen through ecommerce (Landscape: The B2B Ecommerce Playbook for 2020, Forrester, January 2019).

Microsoft has long supported innovation of industry-leading online marketplaces and is investing more than ever to ensure that our customers have the broadest and best range of choices – which means creating a marketplace that is optimized for Microsoft partners as well.

By publishing your solution or service in Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource you will unlock Marketplace Rewards, a host of marketing, sales, and technical benefits to help you grow your business by:

  • Maximizing direct selling presence
  • Boosting growth across channels

List a solution, expand your sales footprint

Simply creating a listing in the marketplace gives you access to over 3 million visitors per month across 141 countries. With this exposure, your sales and marketing departments can redirect resources from driving awareness and demand toward later-stage conversations and closing deals.

Leverage insights to invest in the customer journey

Marketplace Rewards turn Microsoft’s unique insights into customer buying behavior into an asset for you. Leads from the marketplace come rich with data, including who they are and what they already know and have experienced with your product. Now you can follow-up with that customer more effectively with content, conversations, or information that better meets their needs and helps you save time and money.

Unlock benefits through engagement

As you invest in nurturing a better customer experience throughout their journey, Microsoft will match your efforts through enhanced marketing and sales benefits from the marketplace.

List your offer

Just listing your offer unlocks early-stage lead generation benefits, such as professional marketing guidance, help with listing in the Microsoft internal catalogue accessed by the global sales field, and having your offer included in a commercial blog post which will be promoted on social media.

Add a trial

Add a free trial option to receive enhanced benefits to help you get in front of customers as a key point in their buying journey. Your offer will be promoted through social media and a press release, as well as receive featured category placement on the commercial marketplace. You’ll further boost awareness and credibility among customers through a partner success story spotlight.

Transact offers unlock more benefits

More sales unlock extended co-marketing, sales, and technical benefits. Why? Microsoft’s Marketplace Rewards drive awareness and demand for your listing. Therefore, we measure success in terms of increased business outcomes: i.e. sales. Accelerating billed sales demonstrates your business impact and value as a Microsoft partner. In return, we invest more in your success.

When you’re transacting through the storefronts, you will need help further down the marketing conversion funnel: instead of awareness activities, you’ll need help generating demand and accelerating or closing deals.

As a result, as your transact sales grow, you’ll gain access to benefits that help you target your message and nurture your customers, including blog and social spotlights, trial sponsorship, Microsoft executive public relations endorsement, and other feature opportunities.

Offers with higher billed sales will unlock sales support via access to seller webinars, spotlighting your solution to the Microsoft sales team, and to-customer webinars with demand generation. Qualified offers will also have Azure sponsorship opportunities for deployment/proof of concept, which help you accelerate your time to close for a proof of concept offer that is deployed through the storefronts.

In addition, listings can also qualify for technical benefits that facilitate the growth of your marketplace offer portfolio, or help you add new functionality to your existing offers, including: development and testing sponsorship for commercial marketplace publishing and dedicated support to create integration with Azure Active Directory.

Marketplace Rewards support partners of all experience levels, helping them put their best offer forward and optimize customer engagement throughout the customer journey. Regardless of where you are in your journey as a business or in your partnership with Microsoft, you can use an offer in the commercial marketplace to show your product or service’s integration with Microsoft. Any Microsoft partner can publish a solution and get started immediately collecting leads or generating revenue.

Meet your customers where they are looking for solutions by publishing to the commercial marketplace. You can get started by visiting

Learn about individual benefits in Marketplace Rewards and how to unlock them here.

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