Geo-Expansion Assessment

Your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network includes marketing benefits you can put to work to accelerate your time to market, generate demand, and expand your business. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been digging into how each of the seven best-in-class programs has been designed to make your marketing more effective.

This post will introduce you to the Geo-Expansion Assessment. Geo- expansion is an internal growth strategy whereby a business grows by expanding beyond its original location to additional locations, nationally or globally. The Geo-Expansion Assessment provides insights into your readiness to grow this way and connects you with the right resources to move you toward success.

By participating in the Geo-Expansion Assessment, you will benefit from:

  • Scaling into new markets
  • Boosting growth across channels

Our shared opportunity

Taking this route to strategic expansion is an opportunity to drive the scale of your solutions into new markets with the support of Microsoft. Microsoft Partner Network members benefit from expedited entry into new markets and help establishing a predictable, consistent entry experience that scales. Through incoming partner solutions, the Microsoft ecosystem can secure opportunities from competition, driving a mutual pipeline and revenue growth in new geographies.

Assess your geo- expansion readiness

The Geo- Expansion Assessment is the first step for partners interested in expanding to new geographic markets. Take advantage of a free, 30-minute consult to review your results and get you on the right path.

From there, use the geo- expansion checklist to guide your steps through the planning, preparation, entry, and expansion phases. Receive clear guidance on building your business case and determining your commitments based on program criteria.

Supporting partners for growth

Access to geo-expansion services is structured by tiers of commitment. Depending on assessed readiness, you will be equipped with resources to move you through engagement, activation, and growth.

Support for first- tier partners will focus on engagement: building capacity in the target country, refining your value proposition, identifying solution gaps, and driving your expansion plan with the use of the Microsoft Partner Network marketing benefits programs. Benefits include an invitation to an activation webinar with the worldwide GTM Resource Desk, webcast and office hours engagements, access to target region go-to-market engines and programs, P2P program guidance, and Digital Accessibility Assessment Services. Partners will also be equipped with the Geo- Expansion Activation Playbook.

Partners who invest more in their geo-expansion preparedness may be invited to greater benefits. Consideration for depth engagement is provided by invitation- only and offered in limited opportunities. This level of engagement is determined by the target country team, and is based on a strong nomination from a partner demonstrating in-depth investment to enter the market, commitment to partner with Microsoft sellers, and initial proven co-sell performance.

Planning to grow?

If you intend to take your solution or service into more markets, the first step is to determine your growth readiness.

Get started with the Geo Expansion Assessment.

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