Gaining customers for life through operational excellence

Keeping your best customers is very important as we saw in the previous blog but how do you build that experience and make it meaningful …

Every company aspires to be a success. But the journey to the top requires more than just expertly designed products, well-armed sales teams, and inspiring leadership. Especially in 2020, your company’s path to becoming the best possible version of itself starts with operational excellence. But “operational excellence” often means different things to each stakeholder.

Consider thinking of operational excellence as the journey, not the destination—the rainbow that will bring you to the pot of gold. It’s the everyday actions, company culture, and ultra-refined processes that help you deliver continuous—and consistent—value to customers. Every year, technologies arise that make yesterday’s understanding of operational excellence obsolete. In this environment, it is the ability (and willingness) to adapt, and the philosophy that you should always strive to be better, that will set you apart from competitors on your journey to success. Adopting a growth mindset is hugely important as that is what will ‘allow’ your shift.

As you develop your Customers for Life strategy, consider how you can improve operations in these categories:

Digital maturity

A critical component of Operational Excellence is establishing digital maturity. Partners help customers through digital transformation initiatives every day, so it follows that partners themselves should achieve that transformation. Consider which tasks in your company can be automated. Build quality assurance into the software development lifecycle to mitigate bugs and security issues for end consumers. Break down silos between departments so that everyone is working with the same information and toward the same end goal.


Do you have a dedicated head of security, or is that just one of the many responsibilities of your CIO? How might your organizational structure be improved to reduce bottlenecks and solve customer problems faster? Are there clear lines of communication between practice leaders so that they’re on the same page with new initiatives?

A customer-first culture can only be directed from the top down but should be executed from the bottom up. Empower your front-line workers to solve conflicts and listen to their ideas for improving operational excellence. You may be surprised how much insight those who work most directly with customers can provide.

Customer relationships

In a Customers for Life strategy, your end goal should be to turn every one of your customers into brand advocates. The best way to do that is to provide amazing experiences—whether through digital channels with a fast and intuitive website and helpful, relatable social media accounts, or through regular interval meetings with customers to collect their valuable feedback.

Data analytics

Leverage the information you have on customers to its fullest potential. Create look-a-like customers based on existing customers’ characteristics so that you market to those with the highest propensity to buy. Leverage AI to create more helpful chat bots and personalized experience online. Break down important metrics like Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) to better segment your target audience and provide more relevant products and services.

Cloud Ascent is a customer data report available to you and we have a webinar designed  to show you how to leverage this information and act on it quickly.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Operational excellence isn’t an overnight makeover—it takes time, and the finish line is always moving. Begin by transforming and optimizing repeated processes, streamlining your leadership hierarchy, emphasizing the importance of customer relationships, and personalizing experience through data analytics. These are the tactics that will help you become a global success.

Elevate your business further by adopting a Customers for Life strategy. After all, if you’re committed to keeping your best customers around for life, you can’t help but continually improve to meet their changing expectations and evolving business needs. Instill a customer-first culture that empowers every employee to go the extra mile to improve a relationship or a business process. Then, leverage that culture as a foundation for better business.

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Learn more about how to create your own Customers for Life strategy in future blogs in this series, as well as through our webinars and monthly insider call. See our US SMB Partner HUB for all the details.

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