Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment

Your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network includes marketing benefits that you can put to work to accelerate your time to market, generate demand, and expand your business. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been digging into how each of the seven best-in-class programs has been designed to make your marketing more effective.

Partnerships make more possible, especially in the age of rapid digital transformation. This final post introduces the Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment, the launch-point for growing your business through strategic partnerships within the Microsoft Partner Network ecosystem.

Participation in the Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment benefits partners by:

  • Determining the level of partnering readiness
  • Guiding the path to readiness
  • Facilitating successful P2P relationships

Assessing all sides of business

To start, the Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment will walk you through partner-related business questions in three categories: general business, opportunity, and partnering. It is critical to self-assess accurately in order to receive the resources you need for successful partnerships and growth.

InOver the course of the assessment, you’ll provide insights on your business model, partner or channel strategy, and other business functions that are central to building and sustaining quality partnerships. You’ll also be asked to report on potential and existing opportunities based on your solution’s ability to address market demands. Finally, your current and prospective partnerships – and the key components that nurture those partnerships – will be taken into account.

The cumulative scores of each section will generate your overall readiness score from Level 1: Needs Improvement to Level 4: Ready.

Partnering for growth

Next, your assessment scores (from Level 1 to Level 4) will unlock feedback, resources, and tools for readiness, and – for Level 3 and Level 4 partners – access to the Partner Collaboration Platform.

Growth resources

All partners have access to the P2P The Power of Partnership Playbook, a comprehensive guide to helping you develop successful partnerships within the Microsoft ecosystem to drive efficiency, revenue, and profits.

The playbook outlines insider knowledge, best practices, and tools from Microsoft as well as global thought leaders. Each step of the Ready. Connect. Grow. journey, is supported through stage-specific resources

Partners assessed at Level 1 and Level 2 can re-assess after 30 days. Focus this time on strengthening critical growth-areas identified through the assessment with the resources available. As your partnering fitness increases, access to resources will expand.

A stronger ecosystem serves all

Microsoft’s success is tied to the success of our partners. The strength of our partners and the P2P partnerships in the Microsoft ecosystem is key to providing customers with the best possible digital transformation experience. This assessment ensures that both you and your prospective partners are positioned for success.

Confidence in the Microsoft partner ecosystem is a win for all customers, partners, and Microsoft.

Ready to take a step in your partnering journey?

Learn how to partner better with the Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment today.

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