2 reasons why you should create a Desktop as a Service offering with Windows Virtual Desktop

People are calling Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) the best thing since sliced bread, and it’s a game-changer. The technology to deliver virtual desktops isn’t new, but prior to WVD it wasn’t possible to provide a great user experience at an affordable cost.

There are 2 reasons to consider creating a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering with Windows Virtual Desktop.

  1. It’s the technology customers want
  2. There is higher earning potential for you

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

WVD is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service that runs on Microsoft Azure. Users love the native Windows 10 experience and the ability to access their desktops anywhere, on any device. Deployment takes minutes and security and compliance are built in.

It’s the only virtual desktop infrastructure that delivers simplified management for IT and admins, along with multi-session Windows 10 and the best Microsoft Office 365 experience for end users.

The technology customers want

Windows Virtual Desktop checks all the boxes:

Best user experience

  • Platform of their choice + Windows 10 environment
  • Office 365 apps performance comparable to locally hosted desktop
  • Fast login/load times

Simplified management

  • Microsoft controls many of the traditional management responsibilities
  • Users are managed through the familiar Azure portal

Enhanced security

  • Secure sign-on – multi-factor authentication can be enabled
  • Role-based access protects data
  • User sessions are isolated – even in Windows 10 multi-session

Superior economics

  • Infrastructure savings – multi-session Windows significantly reduces compute costs
  • Licensing savings – bring the licenses they already own to save money and complexity on CAL licenses and external management software
  • Labor savings – save time and money by switching from IaaS to PaaS

The top 3 WVD customer sales scenarios are:

Replace/migrate on-prem virtual desktop deployments

Customers frustrated with the limitations of their existing RDS will embrace WVD’s simplified management. They’ll be thrilled with fast log-on speeds and love the Windows native Office 365, Outlook and application performance.

Sell new Windows virtualization

WVD presents an opportunity to find new customers for a virtual desktop offering. Great sales targets include:

  • Industries with high security and compliance regulations
  • Companies with a remote or dispersed workforce
  • Businesses running specialized workloads (legacy applications, etc.)

Manage Windows 7 EOS

WVD provides extended security support for Windows 7 applications at no extra cost!

Higher earning potential for you

Forrester reports that partners offering Azure managed services can see 45-54% margins.1 Providing value-added IP increases that even more.

Many of your customers already have WVD included in their existing licenses. They will pay only for compute, storage and network consumption. That leaves room for you to provide additional apps and high-margin managed services. You’ll still be able to deliver everything at a price that’s less than they’d expect.

And the time is right for your offering. DaaS is growing worldwide, with $2.99B in revenue forecasted for 20212 putting you in the perfect position to take advantage of this momentum.

 Given this forecasted growth, we think Windows Virtual Desktop is right not only for customers, it’s right for you! Watch to learn more:

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