Five new training events to boost your Business Applications practice

We’re excited to announce the lineups for five new Business Applications training series planned for May and June 2020. Each series is packed with engaging topics, passionate experts, and practical tools for maintaining the momentum of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Commerce, Microsoft Power Platform, and more.

The live sessions are opportunities to engage with Microsoft’s US OCP Technical Team and guest subject matter experts (SMEs). Live Q&A offers the chance to have questions answered directly and interact for more dynamic learning.

Partners who participate in these sessions will be equipped with the latest Business Applications insights that can help you grow relevant skills for building your practices.

We’ve pulled together the highlights of our upcoming series below, which range from a collection of stand-alone sessions to multi-day integrated workshops.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Advanced Technical Airlift

Since its release last spring, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has rapidly become a popular solution to help customers turn data into personalized customer experiences. To build on this momentum, we’re offering an exclusive training for our partners to learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights at the Advanced Technical Airlift.

Partners will get an introduction to the Microsoft ‘Insights’ products, creating and extracting value from Customer Insights Instance, Customer Insights APIs, and an overview of the Partner Deployment Kit.

This multi-day training has been designed for a technical audience such as development and implementation roles and will be available live and on-demand.

Register now for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Advanced Technical Airlift.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Tech Talks

The Dynamics 365 Partner Tech Talks series brings together leaders from the US OCP Technical Team and guest experts from marketing and selected product groups to dive into topics tailored to helpMicrosoft partners deepen knowledge and grow your Dynamics 365 practice.

The Tech Talk lineup will dig into Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, Enabling Connected Commerce, and Team Member Licensing Update.

Each virtual 45-minute live session will feature rich dialogue and live Q&A, covering a mix of technical topics, practical development, and programs to drive adoption. Recordings will be available to view on demand.

This series is geared toward Dynamics 365 leads of managed and unmanaged System Integrators (SIs) and Managed Services Providers (MSPs).

Register now for Dynamics 365 Partner Tech Talks.

Microsoft Power Platform Technical Journey for Partners

Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts, allowing partners to integrate powerful tools to build innovative, end-to-end solutions. The Power Platform Technical Journey for partners is a learning path designed to take you from fundamentals to advanced skills.

This series of multi-day workshops dives into solution building, administration, governance, and advanced developer topics, with engaging hands-on labs such as App in a Day for Partners, Power Platform Solution Strategy and Governance, Power Platform Airlift, and Pro Developer Workshop for Power Apps.

Partners can register for the entire Technical Journey series or create a tailored path by selecting specific workshops of interest.

This series is designed for functional consultants, developers, and pre-sales roles.

Register now for the Power Platform Technical Journey for partners.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Bootcamp

Our Dynamics 365 Marketing Partner Bootcamp is an opportunity to get to know the functionality, extensibility, and features of Dynamics 365 Marketing. Topics cover how to get started with Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Marketing Scenarios, Customer Approach, and more.

This 5-day virtual series is not only for those focused on Business Applications but is a great entry point for any partner interested in building a CX practice and learning about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Register now for the Dynamics 365 Marketing Partner Bootcamp.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Virtual Technical Bootcamp

The Dynamics 365 Commerce Virtual Technical Bootcamp is a largely hands-on workshop which walks partners through real-life scenarios from Connected Commerce key areas: Retail, e-Commerce, and Fraud Protection. Interactive labs offer attendees a unique opportunity to engage in deeper learning.

Partners who participate in this 12-day training will emerge with improved techno-functional skills and a deeper understanding of the foundations of Dynamics 365 Commerce and Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

This bootcamp is designed for technical architects and functional consultants who implement the Dynamics 365 Commerce solution, or industry specialists looking to expand their knowledge of Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Please note that participants much attend all sessions to complete the bootcamp.

Register now for the D365 Commerce Virtual Technical Bootcamp.

Looking for more partner training courses, community calls, and events? Check out our Events Calendar that’s updated regularly as we learn about new offerings.

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