3 tips for using Solution Workspace to build and market your solution

Are you building a Microsoft solution and need personalized resources to help take it from an idea to a marketable offering? Get fast access to on-demand help and resources to create and manage your solutions through the entire lifecycle with Solution Workspace, a tool for all Microsoft partners.

“Microsoft has always had a robust set of resources. The challenge has been to find them, particularly if you’re working on applications that cross over Microsoft products. Solution Workspace has really gone a long way to create a central area that bridges that gap.”Guy Cervi, Founder, Trans4orm Solutions

What is Solution Workspace?

Solution Workspace is a digital experience that guides you through the process of building, going to market, and selling a Microsoft solution. We’ve designed Solution Workspace to meet you wherever you are – whether you’re still in the idea stage or have started building your solution. It provides curated resources, proven advice, and actionable steps to move your solution forward.

3 tips for using Solution Workspace

Here are tips to help you get the most out of Solution Workspace.

1. Manage multiple solutions from your My Solutions page

Getting started in Solution Workspace takes just a few minutes. Answer a few questions and provide a brief description of your solution to create your own custom workspace and get access to curated tools and resources such as research, workshops, and software trials. You can add as many solutions as you’d like, making Solution Workspace a powerful tool to manage multiple solutions in the same place.

Solution basics - screenshot

Description - screenshot

Solution areas - screenshot

Products - screenshot

2. Add team members as contacts to allow them access to your solution

After you’ve added your solution to Solution Workspace, you can add team members and contacts so they can view, build, and manage your solution while it is in progress. For example, your marketing team can be active in go-to-market while your engineering team works within another stage. Members of your team can mark steps as complete, so you can all stay up-to-date on what is being accomplished across the build, go-to-market, and sell lifecycle stages. Remember, your solution is private and secure, meaning only the members you’ve added can see it until it’s published in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.

3. Use Solution Workspace at any point in your solution process

Solution Workspace can help no matter where you’re at in the development process, whether you have an idea or have already started building. The tool is designed to help you save time by providing the right resources at the right time. Solution Workspace can also accommodate solutions that span across multiple Microsoft products and cloud platforms.

Solution Workspace helps you build your solution in a more efficient and collaborative way. Work from a personalized set of resources organized and aligned to your build process.

Get started today

Sign in to the MySolutions page and either enter an existing solution in Solution Workspace or start fresh with a new solution. Not ready to dive in? Check out the Solution Workspace tutorial and FAQ.


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