August 4, 2020

4 ways to grow your practice with Power Apps

By Wenqi Ou

Companies are moving to the cloud at a tremendous rate, and small businesses are taking part in this digital transformation. Many small businesses have traditionally relied on manual or outdated methods that can’t keep up with quickly changing business needs or customer expectations of modern commerce.

To stay competitive, your SMB customers need cost-effective, fast-turn solutions to help them manage their data, critical processes and tasks, and to keep their businesses agile. Creating custom apps from scratch to modernize outdated business processes can be expensive and slow. 86%1 of organizations struggle to find technical talent to build their apps and over 60%2 of IT professionals report an app development backlog.

You can use Power Apps to help customers solve these business challenges.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Power Apps is a low-code application development platform that integrates with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and more. With Power Apps, anyone can build web and mobile applications without writing code, by using pre-built templates and components with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Power Apps has been described as being a bit like a meal delivery kit. The ingredients are pre-measured and chopped. The instructions are ready to go. All you have to do is prep and cook.

Because Power Apps has advanced logic and rules built-in, development time is cut by 70%. In some cases, it takes just a few hours to build an app. Or you can customize one of the pre-built templates in just minutes. Plus, PowerApps connects to hundreds of business systems and databases.

Companies who use Power Apps can expect to see:

  • 188% ROI over three years3
  • 74% reduction in app development costs4
  • 3.2 hours of line-of-business employee productivity improvement per week5

How to grow your business with Power Apps

It’s the right time to help your SMB customers modernize. The need for low-code apps is increasing. Demand for mobile apps is growing 5x faster than IT departments can deliver.6 It’s predicted that the market for low-code apps and automation will exceed $50 Billion in 2024.7 Learn more about the Power Apps partner opportunity here.

Here are just some of the ways to expand your business with Power Apps.

1. Help companies provide a safe environment as they re-open.
Use the pre-built “Enable Rapid Response” templates to quickly customize and offer solutions for social distancing, cleanliness tracking, curbside pickup, on-site location tracking, employee temperature tracking and more.

2. Expand your customer base.
Power Apps has built-in integration with Microsoft 365,​ Dynamics 365, and Azure services. Use your app to open the door to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

3. Build custom apps for customers to automate manual processes and make their businesses more agile.
Quickly and easily provide secure, custom solutions for your SMB customers. Some possibilities:

  • Automate a day-to-day business process they currently solve with a manual method (e.g. one that relies on paper or email, or manually moving data from one place to another).
  • Build a solution to help them stay ahead of the competition and adapt to rapidly changing business needs around remote work, return to workplace, e-commerce, or other scenarios.

4. Scale with a pre-built solution.
After building a new Power App for a customer, scale by packaging it as a pre-built solution to create an ongoing revenue stream for your business and accelerate delivery cycles to your SMB verticals.

Your next steps

It’s time to turn your bright ideas into brilliant apps!

Take the steps below to learn more about how you can use Power Apps to grow your practice and solve real business challenges for your SMB customers:



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