Build a conversational AI practice today

As voice and conversational AI continues to ascend as the next big thing in mainstream technology, now is the time for partners like you to put this power in the hands of your customers.

According to Bradley Metrock, author of daily voice AI industry letter This Week in Voice VIP, voice technology and the underlying conversational AI is growing faster than most businesses realize: voice commerce will explode from $2 billion in 2018 to over $80 billion in 2023, and by that same time, we’ll have more voice assistants on planet Earth than human beings.

Conversational AI automates the process of answering questions between your customers and their customers, employees and the public, using tools like chatbots and voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This capability empowers users to get information and conduct transactions 24/7, especially as COVID-19 creates a constantly changing information environment. From automating routine customer service inquiries to completing workflows normally done via online screens, to completing transactions connected to backend databases.

This is driving significant change across the industry landscape. For example, governments and health care providers are getting the latest COVID-19 updates out, while complying with accessibility mandates since many people with disabilities primarily use voice. Retailers and manufacturers are helping customers create their shopping profiles and find out about the latest product and inventory updates. Education, travel, and hospitality companies are keeping their customers and students updated regarding the latest developments and changes.

You are positioned to help customers secure their online presence and engage customers, employees, and the public 24/7 through a branded, multi-channel conversational AI presence, all without technical resources.

To help you build a conversational AI practice, we collaborated with Microsoft partner, Zammo, to design a 60-minute workshop – Build a Conversational AI Practice Today – with an optional 30-minute interactive unit on Advanced Conversation Module Building. Whether you are a local systems integrator or GSI, or whether your tech focus is developing software applications or building your customers’ digital brands, this workshop will show you how Zammo can be a vital element of a valuable AI-based practice.

Zammo’s Azure-based solution extends your customers’ brand to voice assistants and various chatbot channels. By avoiding platform-specific applications, Zammo’s cross-platform app accelerates your customer’s journey to high-ROI conversational AI and secures dramatic cost savings, and the unified data analytics platform offers fast insights for continuous learning and improvement.

Common challenges customers experience with conversational AI

There is a reason why company adoption of voice and conversational AI hasn’t kept pace with the clear benefits – it can be complicated to implement.

  • Channel creation requires platform-specific application development: Alexa’s app development guide is 400 pages, a quarter of which outlines requirements that must be learned and followed, the alternative to which is hiring a digital agency for custom app dev
  • Content management: creating and managing content in Azure QnA Maker is designed for one or two technical users, however organizations often need significantly more
  • Going deeper: for clients who want to go beyond straightforward FAQs, building conversation modules for specific use cases—and continuously retraining language models—requires specialized developers and designers
  • Data insights: each platform has a unique data model, which must be parsed, merged, and visualized with AI applied for the best insights

Understanding these challenges presents a great opportunity to bring value to your clients.

What you’ll learn in this workshop

Workshop participants, regardless of technical expertise or experience, will learn how to:

  • Create a branded presence for your client on the most popular channels, including web chat, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Facebook Messenger
  • Auto-ingest FAQ-type content, make it multi-lingual, and tailor content for both screen-based chatbots and voice assistants
  • Deploy content across channels, providing the no-cost POC’s that customers expect today
  • Quickly understand user engagement insights and improve through the data analytics platform
  • Build custom conversation modules tailored for specific use cases (e.g. “find the nearest…”)
  • Leverage Zammo’s Azure-based platform to accelerate multi-channel, high-ROI conversational AI

The workshop also explores key ways partners can accelerate customer commitment: complying with accessibility mandates and securing their voice domains. Voice is a powerful approach to meet accessibility mandates by increasing public accessibility, since voice is a primary channel for many people with disabilities. In addition, names of voice assistant applications (aka “voice domain names” or “invocation names”) are scarce, like a .com address. Therefore it’s important to claim the best voice domains for your organization before another similar organization does.

Get to know Zammo

Azure ISV Zammo enables any partner, with no code, to create and manage the ability for their customers —whether they are Fortune 1000 brands, SMBs, or government agencies-to better engage the public, customers and employees through a conversational AI capability. This multi-lingual, multi-platform solution is easily extensible to the deepest conversational use cases.

Zammo’s agile platform has proven to help organizations quickly navigate even new-to-the-world scenarios. Microsoft’s VP for State and Local Government, Dana Barnes, detailed the King and Snohomish counties’ success stories in his post about how Washington state governments responded to Covid-19 with Microsoft chatbots.

Listen to what executives had to say about how Zammo helped them to quickly achieve their conversational AI objectives at Microsoft’s two largest AI events of FY20 – Microsoft AI Virtual Summit and USRI’s AI for Regulated Industries event – and check out the trailer for Microsoft’s soon-to-release 2020 AI Documentary!

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Partner Workshop: Build a Conversational AI Practice Today | September 24, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (UTC-07:00) US Mountain Standard Time

Learn more about Microsoft Conversational AI.


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