US Partner Essentials: Get more out of the Microsoft partner website

Welcome to the 1st post in the US Partner Essentials blog series! Whether you want to know how to become a Microsoft partner or you’re a current Microsoft US partner looking to make the most out of your partnership, this series is designed for you. Read on to discover the resources and programs you need to navigate our powerful ecosystem. US Partner Essentials posts feature information about our innovative programs and services and the tools you need to drive growth and profitability. Each post centers on topics important to our US partner community, highlighting what you need to know and where to learn more.

On the Microsoft partner website, we’re continually making adjustments to help you easily find what you need. In line with that approach, we have reimagined the Microsoft partner website homepage to function as your personalized launchpad for getting the most out of the Microsoft Partner Network at every stage in your partnership.

When you sign in, you’ll find content recommendations relevant to your industry, location, and solution area, plus a fresh look at what’s new and noteworthy in your network.

Dive in with the reimagined Microsoft partner website homepage.

The homepage will also lay paths to essential resources available to you across the partner website. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find.

1. Personalized training and end-to-end enablement guides

Find resources to foster business growth for you and your team on the enablement page. You’ll see assessments, playbooks, virtual trainings, and certification opportunities for focus areas ranging from recruiting and retaining talent to mastering technical skills.

Find end-to-end resources on the enablement page.

2. Solution-specific resources to help you grow your business

Whether you’re looking to expand your current offerings or find the right place to start, Microsoft solution areas help you dive deep into specialized practices such as artificial intelligence, cloud operations, business applications, and security. Within each area, you’ll find playbooks and focused guidance to help you build a path to success.

Security is one of the many solution area pages you can explore.

3. Go-to-market tools

As a Microsoft partner, you have access to rich libraries of resources, programs, and offers that help you connect with the right customers and thrive in the marketplace. Once you’re signed in, on the go-to-market page, you’ll find:

  • A marketing resource hub with a collection of customizable digital content.
  • Tools to help you build powerful connections, including referrals and co-sell opportunities.
  • The global growth center, designed to help you expand your market.

Partners can also unlock additional for-purchase offers, like fully-managed lead generation campaigns and sales enablement content.

Sign in to the go-to-market page to unlock valuable resources.

4. Benefits to help you stand out

Depending on your business needs and goals, you may consider enhancing your partnership with a Microsoft Action Pack, silver or gold competency, advanced specialization, or Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) badge. Take a closer look at each on the compare offers page.

See which partner offer is right for you on the compare offers page.

5. Your partner community

Tap into the Microsoft Partner Community to build meaningful connections and discover networking opportunities with other partners and Microsoft experts. Ask questions and offer suggestions on the blog, or take a look at the event calendar to keep up with digital and on-demand events.

Connect with other partners and Microsoft experts on the Microsoft Partner Community page.

6. Partner Center, Solution Workspace, and more

The partner website is a gateway to other fundamental digital experiences—like Partner Center, your home base for managing your relationship with Microsoft, and Solution Workspace, where you can track and manage your solutions. You can access them both in the top navigation bar.

Easily navigate to your Partner Center dashboard or Solution Workspace.

Learn more about Solution Workspace, Partner Center, and other resources available across the site in this video.

Wherever you are in your business journey, the Microsoft partner website is there to help you find and take the next steps—and it’s always improving to keep pace with you along the way. See what’s new on the Microsoft partner website today.

Key takeaway

The Microsoft partner website is teeming with new resources and improved experiences to help you get more out of the Microsoft Partner Network—no matter where you are in your journey.

The next step

If you haven’t joined the Microsoft Partner Network yet, visit the partner website to learn more about what becoming a member could do for you.

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