How to become a Microsoft partner

Beginning your journey as a Microsoft partner is quick and easy to do! By becoming a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you can utilize a wealth of tools, resources, and more to help you grow your business customers while advancing your technical capabilities. Here’s how to become a Microsoft partner.

1. Become a Microsoft Partner Network member

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership unlocks our best resources to differentiate your business, take your product to market, and sell your solutions. To join MPN, visit the Microsoft Partner Network website. Once signed up, you will get an MPN ID – your gateway to access all the membership resources and benefits for your partnership with Microsoft. There is no cost to obtain a MPN ID as a Network member, and with options to upgrade to an Action Pack subscription or work toward a competency, you can access even more benefits.

2. Activate resources to grow your business

Grow your business faster by activating a centralized platform of tools and resources built on best practices. With your MPN ID, access your Partner Center dashboard where you will manage and grow your partnership with Microsoft.

3. Differentiate and develop your business

Differentiating your solution sends a powerful signal to customers about your unique expertise and helps you stand out in the marketplace. MPN provides you with different ways you can set yourself apart from the crowd:

Advance your team’s skills faster and with more confidence by checking out Microsoft Learn. Sales, technical, product, or solution area training is easily available for you to take at your own pace and Microsoft Learn offers certification exam preparation to help you obtain a MPN competency.

4. Build on collective knowledge

Partners can accelerate success by drawing on the expertise of our support teams and the wealth of collective knowledge in the partner community. As a Microsoft partner, you get a variety of free support options to meet your needs and solve any issues throughout your partner journey. Microsoft also offers paid partner support for complex technical issues.

Connect one-to-one with a Microsoft specialist who can help you understand and access your benefits, attain a competency, go to market with your solution, and more through the  Cloud Enablement Desk by self-nominating.

Stay connected through the Microsoft Partner Network community where partners can find answers and learn about additional resources. Get updates and stay informed throughout your partner journey by staying connected with us:

We hope you found this guide helpful and are looking forward to growing your partnership with Microsoft. Please bookmark this page and keep an eye on the US Partner Community Blog for the latest updates and information. If you have more questions, find answers on our FAQ page.



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