February 3, 2021

H1 Top Teams Partners shine by bringing strengths to Teams deployment

By David Totten

As organizations face the challenge of remaining connected and productive in a hybrid workplace, Microsoft’s partners are a fundamental pillar of our customers’ success. Our Teams partners offer a wide variety of customized offers, advanced capabilities, and unique know-how to make meetings more personal and encourage better collaboration.

The most effective partners leverage Microsoft’s many resources and investments to guide customers from interest, through their purchase, and all the way to full deployment and broad adoption; that includes developing advanced specializations, leveraging the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program, sharing and accepting leads via Partner Center, and of course driving the adoption and usage of meetings and apps via the Teams platform.

Announcing the H1 Top Teams partners

As we enter the second half of the fiscal year, we’re proud to announce the winners of our H1 Teams Top Partner Contest, launched to honor partners showing the most depth of commitment to their Teams practices.  Determined by averaging various adoption metrics and presales activities, the H1 winners – Core BTS, SoftwareONE, Netrix, and Crayon – combined effective use of Microsoft OCP resources with strong Teams adoption practices.

Core BTS

Core BTS tops the list largely due to their ability to drive and expand the power of communication and teamwork across our customer ecosystem. Whether it is co-selling with our Microsoft field teams or levering their top-notch FastTrack team to accelerate adoption, Core BTS has tapped into their resources to enable Microsoft Teams for thousands of users through their client-focused deployment, adoption and change management capabilities.


SoftwareONE has embarked on a strategic, multi-year, digital transformation, with the goal to continuously enhance their MSP business in the coming years. They have made several strategic investments in services organizations that align with Microsoft’s priorities and have driven their rapid growth in Modern Workplace and Teams offerings by continuously improving the customer experience. This includes providing their “365Simple” solution offering in every customer E5 opportunity, helping accelerate adoption and enabling the customer to realize the full benefits of Microsoft Office 365. SoftwareONE has also added an Adoption and Change Management (ACM) program (bolstered by an ACM Advanced Specialization) and incorporated their new Security Advisory Offering for a more robust and secure customer experience.


A newer specialist in the Teams practice, Netrix has really taken the initiative to lean into the Microsoft field sales teams to find alignment and opportunity to engage jointly to create great customer value.  Whether it’s the automation they’ve built to allow account reps to quickly engage with Netrix for M365 workshops or acting as a virtual extension of our Technical Specialist org, Netrix has gone above and beyond to engage deeply across almost every facet of the Teams playbook.


Crayon, our top H1 growth partner, has developed a proven methodology based on the principles of change management to help drive companywide user adoption of Teams. They are committed to educating and driving adoption with our shared customers through vehicles like M365 Workshops, their co-sell prioritized IP Empower-iQ, and a monthly Teams newsletter. Crayon works with the Microsoft sales organization to develop joint strategies that help the customer achieve their Teams, voice, and security goals.

Join us for the next round!

We’ll name four more partners for their 3rd quarter partnership – one in each of four categories based on size of existing Teams practice – and the stakes are even higher: in addition to honors in this space, our Q3 top partners will each win a Surface Pro X.  We’re investing in our partners for investing in themselves.



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