Accelerate your cloud business in new markets with Geo Expansion

Microsoft partners are unlocking global markets with the Digital Geo Expansion program, which provides the resources and guidance needed to build new partnerships and grow their business beyond borders. Launch your own self-guided expansion journey through a member-exclusive partner portal, where you’ll find rich digital resources, invitations to webinar events, marketing services, strategic agency partnerships, and more.

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Robust Geo Expansion program supports diverse partner growth goals

Each of our partners have a diverse origin story and distinct goals when it comes to expansion. We’ve collected a handful of stories to illustrate how diverse partners have accelerated their expansion journey into new markets with support from the Microsoft Geo Expansion program.

Retail solutions partner boosts sales wins by 220%

Boston-based Namogoo provides a solution designed to improve online customer journeys for major retailers.  Namogoo was able to improve their sales execution and open doors to new opportunities at a worldwide level with access to exclusive Co-sell events and key opportunities through their local field representative. Namogoo further developed awareness of their business value with a more polished collateral portfolio with the guidance of Geo Expansion Program marketing services. As a result of Microsoft’s Geo Expansion engagement with Namogoo, they experienced 220% increase in deal wins.

“The Geo Expansion team has been instrumental in our growth in the US market, increasing Namogoo’s profile and awareness amongst the Microsoft US Retail and CPG community. The growth in year-over-year results speak for themselves and our pipeline for FY21 looks even better!

– Tal Rotman
VP Global Partnerships and Alliances, Namogoo

Data management partner establishes flourishing Co-sell engine

TimeXtender, with an automated data management platform for analytics and AI, used a different approach. Their focus was on shortcutting time-to-value. By surfacing timely, high-propensity leads, our program helped TimeXtender establish hand-in-hand Co-sell rhythms and fill out their pipeline much faster than on their own. The Geo Expansion program continues to help TimeXtender surface leads and explore creative opportunities amidst a changing industry landscape. As a result of Geo Expansion team engagement with TimeXtender, they were able to reach 12 Co-sell deals in FY20, expecting to double this in FY21.

“The end-customer can realize faster time-to-value, because TimeXtender helps partners implement solutions 10x faster and normally 25 percent cheaper than building the full data foundation by hand.”

– Heine Krog Iversen
CEO, TimeXtender 

Tighter GTM execution yields 40% increase in pipeline for video distribution ISV

Hive Streaming, a Stockholm-based software-based video distribution ISV, relied on the resources and experts of the Microsoft Geo Expansion program to hone their messaging and make better-informed, more nimble decisions in their Go-To-Market (GTM) execution. With support provided by our Geo Expansion team, they crafted a smarter, tighter GTM messaging and collateral.​ Hive Streaming also established deeper relationships with Microsoft field sellers and Co-Sell managers, a key action in Hive Streaming’s 40%+ pipeline expansion success.

“The programme has given us ‘credibility’ that we are on our way to become something greater.​”

– Ati Serpoushan ​
VP Alliances and GTM, Hive Streaming​

Next step: Start your geo expansion journey

You have the entrepreneurial spirit and a business ready to expand – invest now in your geo expansion preparedness by joining Microsoft’s Digital Geo Expansion program to open the door for even greater benefits.

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