Announcing the new Partner Technical Success Channel

Over the past year, we’ve sought new ways to increase partner capability, capacity, and success by equipping partners with a better understanding of Microsoft technologies and value propositions. Now, we’re excited to announce a new technology-focused resource, the Partner Technical Success Channel. This playlist of snackable, high-value technical videos aims to equip partner technologists and business leaders alike to better serve customers through better-informed services and solutions.

Making technical success accessible to more partners

Staying on top of emerging technology and trends is a core priority for partners looking to grow their business in an age of rapid innovation. Microsoft invests heavily in helping partners continue to develop their understanding of the Microsoft technology stack through well-aimed resources. As part of this effort, Microsoft has decided to leverage the reach of our Microsoft US Partner Community YouTube channel to put this entertaining and impactful new series at your fingertips.

Watch the first four technical success videos now

The Partner Technical Success Channel is now live, with the first four carefully-produced videos available for immediate viewing:

1. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Learn how to utilize Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to provide trusted and integrated cloud capabilities that deliver better experiences, better insights, and better care. Watch now.

2. GitHub for Service Partners

Partners play a critical role in helping customers adopt the right tools and processes, and to build and ship software faster and more securely. Learn how to utilize GitHub to build service offerings that align with Microsoft sales teams and deliver engagements that accelerate our customer’s time-to-value. Watch now.

3. Azure Commercial Marketplace 101

Gain a foundational understanding of the Azure Commercial Marketplace and how to leverage opportunities to accelerate reach and bring your innovative services and solutions to a larger market. Watch now.

4. Learn how to modernize your customers’ Java applications on Azure

This video will unpack what everyone is so excited about when it comes to modernizing your customers’ Java applications with Azure. Learn about Azure platform options and how to decide which managed services you need to run, scale, and secure your Java solutions. Watch now.

Make sure to share these videos with your team and those in your network who you think would benefit!

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