Q3 top Microsoft Teams partners show benefits of deep collaboration

April is an exciting time of year – baseball has its opening day, the Northwest is unfolding into emerald glory, and Microsoft and our partners are hitting the last-quarter stretch of our fiscal year.

Like many things, the successes celebrated in end-of-year reports comes from work done throughout the year. So, before we lower our heads for the final sprint, we want to pause to recognize four partners who have each emerged as a top Teams partner in Q3. Together, they showcase the various connection points and resources available to drive Teams deployment and adoption.

Each will be receiving a Surface Pro X as a thank-you for their deep partnership. Join us in recognizing these four partners who have each cut a promising path to immense success in FY21 and beyond:


For the second straight quarter, Core BTS has made the Top Teams Partner list due to their laser-focus on helping organizations accelerate time-to-value while ensuring long-term success with Teams. Their expertise – backed by a Microsoft Advanced Specializations for Teamwork Deployment and Adoption & Change Management – and offers – such as their Teamsin90 program – helps clients efficiently gain full adoption of Microsoft Teams. Coupled with their proven FastTrack Partner delivery model, this expertise ensures that Teams is the engine for productivity with Core BTS clients.


Poly’s partnership success is driven by their commitment to finding synergy with Microsoft for every engagement and new opportunity. Working with Microsoft OCP, DPSS, and the Modern Work business group allows them to bring opportunities and receive referrals from Microsoft, a truly bi-directional partnership dedicated to meeting customer needs. Successful co-sell motions and engaging with account teams early in the opportunity cycle has positioned Poly to win customers from the competition, increase adoption, improve customer experience, and drive usage of various workloads. They’ve embraced core go-to-market motions, such as Cloud Accelerator workshops, through their Poly Global Services division, helping communicate value to customers and enable seamless Teams migration.


Enabling Technologies has leveraged their niche expertise to help mutual Microsoft customers discover innovative ways of working. Their Adoption & Change Management (ACM) program helps drive the successful adoption of new technologies, working with Line of Business stakeholders and increasing ROI for their clients. Enabling has leaned into innovative Microsoft Teams opportunities, including a phone and collaboration deal with InSite Real Estate centered around Teams via smartphone, and the NY Capital District deal, which leveraged existing licenses to provide unified communications at incremental cost to the customer. Enabling Technologies is a tireless advocate for Microsoft’s Cloud Accelerator workshops and a participant in lead sharing, promoting favorable integration with Microsoft sales units.


NewWave helps customers achieve a seamless cloud experience through a diverse portfolio of Microsoft solutions and services. Every solution built on Microsoft technologies is designed with exceptional hands-on support every step of the process. Cultivating employee proficiency and improving organizational mastery is the foundation of NewWave’s Teams Practice Offerings. This approach leverages a change management framework enabling business leaders to digitally transform their organizations, as well as comprehensive educational service options tailored to meet their unique needs and multi-generational workforce demands. By working with clients to understand their workflows, plan deployment, and develop personalized customer support and training programs, NewWave ensures that Microsoft Teams empowers collaboration.

Become a top Teams partner in Q4!

Throw your hat in the ring for recognition as a top Teams partner in Q4. Each quarter we start a fresh tally for workshops executed, lead sharing, and net monthly usage – four new winners will be announced at the end of the fiscal year.



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