Cultivate organization-wide growth with AI for everyone

AI has quickly morphed from the quirky brainchild of tech innovators to an integral part of our working lives. We see AI fueling innovation in areas as complex as autonomous aircraft and as relatively mundane as chat bots. A study by PwC estimated that the adoption of AI will fuel a 14 percent increase in the global GDP by 2030, representing an additional $15.7T surge to the global economy. AI at scale is the mechanism that will drive this growth across industries, regions, and audiences – partners are the ones who will equip customers to get on board.

Reimagine the impossible with AI at Scale

Microsoft’s decades-long investment in AI has been in service of our wider mission: to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. As 69% of enterprises make good on their plan to increase AI investments in 2021, a major source of growth will be beyond the realm of data scientists and tech teams, with applications for everything from small business operations to HR. That’s why we’ve been reimaging the value of AI for problem solvers in every team and at every level of the organization. From off-the-shelf technologies embedded in everyday tools like Office 365 to super-scalable cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AI-infused solutions are creating the environment for greater creativity as knowledge workers are relieved of cognitive load and furnished with greater insights.

AI requires data to work – the more data, the smarter the outputs. Microsoft has one of the largest datasets of world, organizational, and individual activity ever created. This vast infrastructure combined with powerful AI models has set Microsoft’s Turing Language Model apart as the new global standard, with the ability to process 17 billion parameters and counting (AI at Scale – Microsoft Innovation Stories). AI at this scale emboldens Microsoft, partners, and customers to reimagine the impossible.

Partner innovation accelerates the pace of ‘AI for everyone’

Microsoft’s AI-infused technologies are helping scale the public cloud to fuel the next generation of innovation. However, the speed at which these benefits are realized in our work – our schools – our lives depends on the innovation of partners. Partners leverage industry and vertical-specific knowledge to not only help educate customers on the benefits of AI for everyone, but by building on Microsoft’s AI-infused technology to address sector-specific pain points.

AvePoint uses AI to create transcendent solutions with EduTech

AvePoint, the largest Microsoft 365 data management solutions provider, extended the AI capabilities of Microsoft 365 with their knowledge of the education and corporate learning sector to conceive EduTech, their AI-powered learning experience platform (LPX). Recognizing that siloed technology deterred collaboration and effective knowledge retention, they created a Teams-embedded platform that connects peers to one another as well as personalized learning and assessment content. Learners are empowered to ask questions, develop content, and receive immediate feedback all in one place.

AvePoint’s deeply human-centered solution is built around Microsoft’s sophisticated Turing Language Model, which EduTech utilizes to extract a massive amount of knowledge from across diverse structured and unstructured data. With this unique knowledge, EduTech develops “micro-training programs and seamlessly delivers them to fit busy schedules and crowded workstreams,” explained Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft Regional Director at AvePoint. “We make it possible for employees to seamlessly toggle between daily work and learning without the need for platform switching.”

EduTech is an example of how the AI capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Teams can be built upon to make the learning experience richer and more effective. From institutions of higher education to enterprise organizations, learners are empowered to do more with automatically-generated content, personalized to every learner, and delivered on-demand.

AvePoint views this innovation as the beginning of many. With the possibilities of AI at scale “sparking new ideas” every day, AvePoint is committed to reimagining their solutions and uncovering new opportunities to serve their customers in a more powerful way.

See the interview with Dux and Tyler Bryson below:


AI for everyone is the future of business growth and human innovation. Partners who excel at translating the possibilities of AI into specific use cases for customers will be a valuable conduit for customer transformation and growth, strengthening relationships and opening the door for greater collaboration going forward.

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