Maximizing the impact of partnerships with late-stage start-ups

By Carlos de Torres

Late Stage Startups
Late-stage start-ups are uniquely positioned to bring transformative innovation to life in a rapidly changing world. At the same time, this phase in the business lifecycle brings its own challenges: getting the technology stack ready to scale, the cultural and operational changes wrought by rapid growth, and the need to quickly grow the customer base while differentiating against competitors.

As a technology company that continually partners with and invests in promising start-ups, Microsoft deeply understands these challenges and offers tailored programs and services to drive success. Partnering with Microsoft can help eligible start-ups:

  • Accelerate growth, strategically and financially
  • Align digital and technology capabilities across your organization
  • Build and co-sell solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies and support
  • Reduce risk for large-scale transformation efforts

Whether you’re an investor or a founder, the right relationships are key. Working with the Microsoft Private Capital team offers your company a unique opportunity to expedite technology transformation and put resources in place to help accelerate sales, increase valuations, and ensure reliability, security, and compliance.


The right partnership for your growth goals

Microsoft believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a strategic partnership. Whether you’re looking to increase topline growth, build out your infrastructure, or (most likely) do everything all at once, partnering with Microsoft provides a wide range of resources to help you meet your goals and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Let’s look at five ways we can help your start-up take success to the next level:

1.    Access to enterprise customers

With Microsoft, you gain access to the largest global customer base in the technology industry, who trust Microsoft to bring them transformative technology solutions. The start-up program delivers additional benefits through established co-sell and go-to-market benefits that help you leverage your marketing and sales budget. Microsoft partners actively sell the solutions of our start-up partners to businesses of all sizes.

2.  Dedicated account team

Often, late-stage start-ups find themselves in a position of using disconnected technologies that don’t work well together without the bandwidth or expertise to figure out how to get things working in sync. As you’re looking for guidance to get ready for the next stage of your business, Microsoft provides a 360-degree support mechanism with an account team structure that can help drive technology evolution.

Once we establish a partnership, we surround you with an account team that brings together expertise from specific solution areas, ranging from cloud to app development to ERP. This account team brings the depth of Microsoft’s knowledge and industry expertise to bear on your company’s unique challenges using a multidisciplinary approach. That can include architects, technology specialists, and industry experts to help you get to the next level.

3.  Commercial marketplace support

Microsoft commercial marketplaces, including Azure Marketplace and AppSource, provide access to the largest community of incentivized sellers and partners; think 3 million monthly active users, including 300,000 Microsoft partners and 20,000 Microsoft sellers. It’s a huge opportunity to accelerate your organization’s sales.

As a part of this offering, Microsoft offers top-notch resources to help get you where you want to be. If your solution isn’t available in a marketplace yet, we can help get you there. If you’re already published, we can help make sure you’re transacting and getting the most value from the platform.

4.  Technology synergies

Technology synergies can help drive incremental benefit for both Microsoft and your start-up through a common customer. In partnership with Microsoft, you’ll get dedicated access to Microsoft technology – from Microsoft 365 to Azure – to bolster your bottom line and ensure your start-up is compliant and secure. You’ll also have access to solution synergies in our existing portfolio, and the chance to explore co-creation opportunities.

5.  Joint marketing and sales opportunities

When you partner with Microsoft, you can win bigger deals through marketing and co-selling. Some of these exclusive joint marketing and sales opportunities include exposure in Microsoft marquee events, panels, blogs, access to Experience Centers in our new Silicon Valley flagship and invites to exclusive industry events at Microsoft Reactor.

Begin your partnership with Microsoft today

Private equity operating partners, venture capitalists, founders and investors put years of effort and passion into bringing late-stage start-ups to the endgame. Microsoft engages with you to maximize growth, valuation, and impact. From readymade enterprise opportunities to assistance with improving the tech stack, you have a partner that seeks creative solutions to your unique challenges—with global reach and unparalleled expertise. We welcome creative solutions, radical ideas, and novel approaches. Empowering you to do more is what partnering with Microsoft is all about.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help,


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