November 5, 2021

Enhanced payouts for Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program (MCAP) workshops

By Erwin Visser

Starting November 1 2021, qualified US partners are eligible to receive an additional $1,500 for select Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program (MCAP) workshops, increasing the total payout from the current $3,500 to $5,000. This promotional pricing aims to accelerate the pre-sales effort and go-to-market momentum for our advanced Microsoft 365 workloads and will run through March 31, 2022.

You can use these additional funds toward the following workshops:

  1. Modernize Communications
  2. Threat Protection
  3. Sensitive Data
  4. Manage & Investigate Risk
  5. Hybrid Cloud Security
  6. Microsoft Viva
  7. Microsoft Viva Insights

All other MCAP workshops will be paid at the current rate of $3,500.

How to secure your additional $1,500 for workshops

  • Review the MCAP Workshop_Terms and Conditions to receive an additional $1,500 for select MCAP workshops:
  • Review the MCAP program requirement including partner, and customer eligibility details at M365 Accelerator Program
  • Reach out to your Partner Development Manager at Microsoft (if applicable) for additional information

Questions? Please reach out to us at


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