November 11, 2021

Build solutions designed for scale and grow your business with Azure Marketplace

By John Turk

In our previous posts we talked about the benefits of building on Azure and how it can help you differentiate your business. Now that you’ve designed your solution, it’s time to find more customers! Marketplace is the answer.

Your solution is agile, scalable, and updates frequently. Now you need to make sure you’re conveying the right message to your customers and selling through the right channels. To increase your sales you need to find, and close, more leads. Microsoft can help you do both.

Find more customers in the marketplace
More than just a storefront, the commercial marketplace is the largest B2B customer base on the planet. By publishing your solution in the commercial marketplace, you’ll extend your reach to a global network of 90K+ Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners and can license them to re-sell your solution.

Marketplace benefits


Recruit customers while you sleep. Today’s customers want the option of buying solutions without having to interact with sales. By publishing a transactable solution, you give customers the ability to try, or buy your solutions directly from the marketplace.


Remove buyer friction. The commercial marketplace removes buyer friction by allowing customers to purchase your solutions from Microsoft, an approved supplier. In Microsoft-managed countries, Microsoft will also assume responsibility for managing end-customer taxation, making it easier for you to expand to new markets.


Onboard faster. Every one-month reduction in a sales cycle creates a one-time monthly recurring revenue recognition benefit of between $5K and $27K per transaction.1


Connect with CSP partners. Connecting through the marketplace gives partners the incentive to sell your solution and the convenience they need to go to market quickly.


Evolve your solution to SaaS and accelerate growth
The Microsoft commercial marketplace helps partners connect with millions of cloud customers, while reducing operating costs (transaction fees are only 3 percent) and selling complexity. The fastest way to expand your reach is to offer a transactable, or software as a service (SaaS), solution to your customers.   According to a Forrester study, partners who have seen the greatest benefits are “born in the marketplace,” meaning that the commercial marketplace is a key piece of their marketing strategy, and their business model is marketplace-first/only.1

SaaS is a key part of a successful marketing strategy because it helps remove friction in the buying process by allowing customers to find and try solutions quickly and efficiently. Benefits of SaaS include:

  • Application is designed to deliver an optimal customer experience and push updates quickly
  • Lower upfront investment by your customers, and fast onboarding for you and your customers
  • A more secure environment for your customers’ data
  • Ability for you to scale rapidly and add new customers quickly

Join the Azure Partner Builder’s Program
Microsoft’s mission is to empower you to achieve more and help you succeed. The Azure Partner Builder’s Program gives you the step-by-step resources you need to start building your solution and take it to market. We’ll also help you unlock the benefits of Marketplace Rewards and design a personalized Go-to-Market strategy.

If you haven’t already, join today!

 1The Value of Commercial Marketplace for Microsoft Partners, a Forrester Consulting Total Economic ImpactTM Study Commissioned by Microsoft, 2020

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