November 22, 2021

Thankful for our partners

By Tyler Bryson

Thank You Partners

Back in January of this year, when I joined Global Partner Solutions, US as Corporate Vice President, I was reminded once again of the extraordinary resilience and strength Microsoft partners have shown in the face of significant challenges, going the extra mile to support and innovate on behalf of our mutual customers. I don’t think anyone could have imagined the endurance that would be needed to continue to move forward throughout this season of persistent recalibration.

As I’ve gotten to know you, our partners, more over the past year, I continue to be inspired by every account of innovation, commitment, advocacy, and excellence on behalf of our customers and the ecosystem. Before we close 2021, it’s important to me that you know how grateful we are for each of you – thank you, partners. It might be difficult to recall all the accomplishments we’ve made together throughout this whirlwind year, so let me touch on just a few highlights.

Awareness of our own individual health as well as our overall collective health has been top of mind for over 20 months now. In addition to mobilizing solutions to help organizations of all sizes across all industries adapt to a hybrid workplace, you have also provided enablement to essential workers in healthcare. You’ve been working alongside us to support frontline healthcare organizations since day one, relieving bottle necks and driving innovations that empower healthcare organizations with enhanced medical intelligence.

Partners have harnessed the power of AI to begin bringing our vision of AI for everyone to scale. You’ve leveraged your industry and vertical-specific knowledge to help educate customers on the benefits of AI for everyone and also built on Microsoft’s AI-infused technology to address sector-specific pain points.

Following the recent national awakening and calls for racial justice, many partners initiated or deepened investment in promoting a more inclusive economy. Through participation in skilling programs like Microsoft Accelerate, job placement programs like Career Connector, and incubators like Microsoft’s Black Partner Growth Initiative, you’ve helped raise awareness about the need for real, systemic change in and beyond the technology industry to level the opportunity playing field for underrepresented groups. Time and again, your ownership of this mission, whether through Microsoft-sponsored programs, partner-led communities, or in-house actions, is making a direct and resonating difference in your community and making our entire ecosystem stronger now and for generations to come.

Speaking of generations to come, I have been blown away by the ingenuity and passion coming out of the ongoing #Buildfor2030 hackathon. As you know, Microsoft launched the #Buildfor2030 campaign to support and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Gender Equality, Climate Action and Sustainability, Digital Inclusion and Accessibility, Enabling the Nonprofit Sector, and Empowering Communities.

This list of accomplishments is by no means exhaustive – for every one of these examples there are dozens, if not hundreds more. But even these few examples paint a picture of what a force for transformation you are across industries, geographies, and communities. We see you and we depend on you to continue to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. So, once again, thank you.

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