April 5, 2022

“Get to yes” with the new Partner Sales Acceleration Program

By Ben Ellgass

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There are six critical points in the customer’s journey, from the time they start thinking about making a purchase to when they sign the contract. Successful customer engagement requires that you be prepared to navigate each of these six “moments that matter” in the buyer journey process. You need to know the right questions to ask, how to handle objections, and ultimately guide your customer to purchase.  

Partner Sales Acceleration Program

What is PSAP? 

The Microsoft Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP) is an on-demand training program for partners looking to increase their knowledge across the Microsoft Cloud and build solid sales strategies. It’s a collection of sales tools and video guidance created to help you stand out in a crowded market and “get to yes” with potential SMB customers. 

  These learning journeys include a comprehensive library of meeting-facilitation videos, project discovery and objection-handling role-plays, and presentation and whiteboard templates for you to customize—all designed to equip you with a robust SMB sales engagement framework and a set of preconfigured sales assets that you can use immediately. 

 The on-demand virtual coursework includes: 

  • Sales guidance on how to ask the right questions and respond to objections. 
  • How-to videos exploring ways to navigate real-world pitch scenarios. 
  • Role-play videos to model recommended approaches for sales conversations. 

Upon completion of your PSAP training, you can take an assessment to validate what you’ve learned. 

 Choose the sales program that best meets your customer’s needs 

Designed to address common customer needs, PSAP currently offers programs in the following four Microsoft Cloud solution areas: 

Modern Work
With remote work being a higher priority than ever, the Microsoft 365 suite and Microsoft Teams are an integral part of many customer solutions. This program offers presentation resources and best practices for a focus on Modern Work solutions.  
Business Applications
Whether customers want to improve their end-to-end digital buying experience or shift from transactional financial management to predictive and proactive operations, Microsoft offers robust Business Application solutions. 
The Microsoft Zero Trust strategy is embedded in its products and services, making it a compelling choice for enterprise customers. This program offers resources for a focus on Security in business. 
Microsoft Azure products and services can provide integral solutions to a wide variety of customer needs. This program offers education on Microsoft Azure products and best practices for Azure in business. 

 Start building your sales knowledge—and confidence—today 

PSAP presents a great opportunity to grow your understanding of the Microsoft Cloud and learn how to navigate the six “moments that matter” conversations with your SMB customers. It will help you differentiate your sales approach and “get to yes”. Get started today.  

 Sign up for the Microsoft Partner Sales Bootcamp Series

The Microsoft Partner Sales Bootcamp series is taking place throughout April and May. Each three-hour, virtual session is designed to deliver foundational knowledge for selling the four Microsoft Cloud solution areas. Learn more and register today.  


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