February 3, 2023

Develop your cloud-native application expertise

By Abelardo Zaa

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Digitally native organizations have disrupted traditional business models, forging a new paradigm of software development called cloud native. Cloud-native apps offer agility, efficiency, and quicker innovation. Azure offers services that enable your customers to accelerate development, respond to changing opportunities, and deliver app innovation.

Why build cloud-native solutions in Azure?

Cloud-native solutions built in Azure are optimized for cloud scale and performance. Take advantage of the capabilities of the Azure tech stack, whether building with Kubernetes, coordinating app development through Azure Arc, or shifting to serverless containers.

With Azure, you can:

Icon drawing of a chart Manage cloud-native apps by leveraging Azure Arc, which allows you to simplify governance and management by delivering a consistent multicloud and on-premises management platform.
Icon drawing of a screen Quickly develop and deploy cloud-native apps via Azure Kubernetes Service, featuring built-in code-to-cloud pipelines and guardrails. Get unified management and governance for on-premises, edge, and multicloud Kubernetes clusters.
Icon drawing of a gear Adopt a serverless solution in Azure Functions, which operates with less code and infrastructure while saving on costs.

Next steps

  • Explore the Innovate & Scale with Cloud-Native Apps asset collection to develop your cloud-native apps expertise.
  • Learn about CloudAscent and how to download your customer opportunity reports. CloudAscent uses data-driven analysis and machine learning to reveal existing customers who are ready to buy, providing insights to capitalize on prioritized opportunities with your existing SMB customers.
  • Start the conversation with customers and launch a digital marketing campaign using the DMC platform. DMC enables you to easily launch a multiweek digital campaign, including compelling customer messaging for the Digital & App Innovation solution.

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