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Author: Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan Gardner

Application Development Partners: Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Services

I recently spoke at an event about application innovations and enhancing application experiences. Some of the examples I discussed highlighted how application interactions are changing the way that companies interact with their customers. There has been an explosion of channels like the addition of bots, sentiment analytics, and even rich media services that are driving innovation. In this post, and on the June 6 partner….

Application Development Partners: Introduction to serverless computing

Recently, there has been industry buzz about the topic of serverless computing. Serverless computing is a natural evolution of the cloud computing model. It reflects the desire for IT to change from a cost center to an innovation center. With serverless computing, the compute stack is managed and only the code necessary for completing the desired task is managed by the customer. The term serverless computing is also….

Application Development Partners: Introduction to Visual Studio Mobile Center

Recent conversations in the Cloud Application Development Partners community have been around DevOps and how its adoption can add value for companies that implement it and around the efficiency that Xamarin brings to the development process through the ability to reuse code. This month, we’ll talk about mobile development, a topic that I am frequently asked about when working with partners,….

Azure Partner Community: Big data, advanced analytics, and lambda architecture

Welcome to part 2 of this month’s Azure Partner Community blog series, about data platforms and advanced analytics. Read part 1. Register for the February 18 Azure Partner Community call Join the Azure Partners group on Yammer Sign up for the Azure Partner email newsletter Read other Azure Partner Community blog posts by Jonathan GardnerUS Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft….