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Author: Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner is a Partner Technology Strategist in Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner organization and has been with Microsoft over 21 years. He spent time as an Infrastructure Consultant and Regional Architect with Microsoft Services, where he traveled globally, leading teams that delivered some of the biggest and most complex projects Microsoft has ever done. As a Partner Technology Strategist, Jeff currently works with large national system integrators providing thought leadership and strategic guidance.

How to recommend the best practice on Microsoft Azure

One of the directives of the One Commercial Partner (OCP) team at Microsoft is to help partners build net new practices and solution offerings using the Microsoft cloud. In our travels, we’re often asked, “What’s the best practice for …?” The answer is always, “It depends,” and frequently creates the opportunity for a long discussion about what it takes to….

What’s new in IaaS?

Jeff Wagner, Partner Technology Strategist Register for our Community call on Friday, March 16 to join the conversation about IaaS and the innovations to the Cloud. With the pace of innovation in the Cloud, it’s hard to keep up with what’s new across the entire Microsoft Azure platform. Let’s pause and take a moment to see what’s new—and coming soon—specifically….