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Author: Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

EMS Partners: Microsoft Intune – mobile application management and proofs of concept

One of my favorite things to talk about and demonstrate is Microsoft Intune mobile application management. Many companies want to protect their corporate data, while still giving employees flexibility and choices for what devices they use. Companies also want to avoid over-controlling a user’s personal devices. Microsoft Intune mobile application management provides a solution that helps companies balance these needs.….

EMS Partner Community: Meet the new Microsoft Intune

I’m excited about this month’s topic for the Enterprise Mobility and Security Partner Community. Microsoft Intune is a product many of our community members have been asking me to cover. Now is the perfect time, as there are changes coming to Microsoft Intune that will benefit you and create new business opportunities for you. Microsoft Intune is the mobile device management pillar of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).….

EMS Partner Community: Securing mobility with Lookout

Our first topic for 2017 in the Enterprise Mobility + Security Partner Community is Lookout. Lookout has tight integration with EMS, and can add value to the solutions you design for your customers. I’ve invited Clayton Barnard, Senior Director for Global Alliances at Lookout to tell us more about what Lookout does, and how it benefits users. On the January 26 EMS Partner call,….

EMS Partner Community: Focus on partner technical and sales resources for enterprise mobility

I am always excited to find a new resource that helps me do my job better, like quality presentation materials, a compelling demo, or great online training. And, when it’s useful to me, I enjoy being able to share my find with my colleagues and partners. This month’s topic in the EMS Partner Community is partner resources for enterprise mobility. I….

EMS Partner Community: Introduction to Microsoft Cloud App Security

Have you ever signed up for a cloud-based application on your own to help you get your job done? If so, within minutes of signup it’s likely you were putting company information and data into that application. Did you tell your company you were using it? Did you know whether the application met your company’s security and privacy standards? Odds are….