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Author: Scott Emigh

Scott Emigh

Scott Emigh is the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft’s US One Commercial Partner (OCP) organization. With an extensive background in tech and solution sales, Scott leads a national team of solution architects, evangelists, and strategists all focused on developing and enabling our US partner ecosystem—ISVs, System Integrators, Managed Hosters, and Volume Channel. Our mission at Microsoft remains steadfast—to empower every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our partner ecosystem is at the forefront of bringing this powerful mission to life. OCP will work to transform our partner ecosystem, and to simplify the programs and investment structure for our partners to drive growth and profitability. We’ll provide the programs, tools, and resources you need to build and sustain a profitable, successful cloud business.

What to know about updates to the Microsoft P-Seller Community

You may have heard about the $1.7 trillion total US market opportunity open to Microsoft and our partners through digital transformation driven by Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge. We’re proud of the fact that for every $1 of revenue Microsoft earns, our partner community earns between $8 and $12. That means roughly $1.5 trillion of that is our partner’s opportunity!….

Friends don’t let friends compromise security: Extending cybersecurity to supply chains

Network attacks are on the rise, and as with all things security, it’s always best to get ahead. This summer, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about Russian hackers infiltrating “air-gapped” networks of US utility companies with “relative ease” as just one part of a tale that’s becoming all too common. The NY Times described another scenario where a….

What makes a great AI partner – Part 3

In this final post on overcoming the major challenges to becoming a great AI partner, we’ll address how the condition of a customers’ data estate can be a serious blocker to AI, and why you should always modernize your customer’s data estate when migrating to cloud. If you haven’t already, read the first two posts in the series here. Is….

What makes a great AI partner – Part 2

In this second post on overcoming the major challenges to becoming a great Artificial Intelligence (AI) partner, we’ll address gaining leadership buy-in and commitment to AI. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the first post in this series here. If customers are struggling with their adoption of AI via the direct route, an indirect approach may help….

What makes a great AI partner – Part 1

The two letters heard most frequently at Microsoft Inspire this year were “A” and “I”. In this Partner Tech Perspective, I’d like to take you through some of the approaches we believe will be most effective for our partner community in establishing their Artificial Intelligence (AI) practices and solutions. Let’s tackle this by addressing the three biggest challenges facing successful….