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Author: Tim Walton

Tim Walton

Learn what’s new with Open Source Solutions on our February community call

Microsoft’s Open Source business is strong! About half of our VM images are now running Linux and many of our Azure Marketplace solutions are based on Open Source. Microsoft’s strategy on Open Source is executed through four broad motions. Enable. Enable an open and flexible platform that meets you where you are and adds value to your existing investments. Integrate.….

Open Source Partners: Microsoft Inspire and OSS training

In this post and on the June 27 Open Source Solutions (OSS) partner call, I will discuss Microsoft Inspire and OSS training resources. Sign up for the June 27 partner call Microsoft Inspire 2017 Microsoft Inspire is my favorite conference. I like the fact that it is completely focused on the partner ecosystem, and that it is the place where….

Open Source Partners: Provision and deliver open source demos on Microsoft Azure

For the April 25 Open Source Solutions Partner Community call, we’ll take a look at a demo framework that simplifies delivery of open source demos on Microsoft Azure and helps you optimize your sales cycle. The framework comprises automation scripts that allow users to provision a demo quickly. For example, if you need to demonstrate a .NET application running on Linux….

Open Source Partners: Visual Studio 2017

Any developer, any app, any platform. This is the promise of the Microsoft vision of modern application development, supported by the recent release of Visual Studio 2017. Creating a holistic DevOps solution requires focusing on the complete DevOps tool chain, from code editing to continuous deployment. Visual Studio addresses this by providing first party tooling and services as well as a….

Open Source Partners: Containers and orchestration

Building on discussions we’ve had previously in the Open Source Solutions (OSS) Partner Community, this month we’re taking a deeper look at containers and orchestration. For an introduction and background on this topic, I recommend reviewing the two blog posts linked below. And, sign up to join me on the next OSS Partner call on Tuesday, February 28 for a….

Open Source Partners: Building DevOps solutions for your customers

DevOps enables companies to achieve faster and higher quality software delivery and helps increase customer satisfaction. It focuses on building quality into the supply chain of customer value, and applies the lean/agile methodology into that supply chain, which includes developing, building, testing, deploying, and monitoring of software. DevOps is no longer just a trend – it’s a well-defined set of….