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Data & Analytics Partners: Cortana Intelligence Suite solution templates

The topic for our October 2016 partner call and blog was Microsoft Power BI solution templates. These templates are a quick, easy way to deliver powerful analytics and visualizations on top of popular applications. New templates were announced at Microsoft Data Amp, and these templates help build visualizations and an entire end-to-end analytics solution. These templates, called the Cortana Intelligence Suite solution templates, give technical implementers….

Data & Analytics Partners: Navigating the Azure data services jungle

By Norm Nicholl, Cloud Solution Architect and Ryan Coffman, Cloud Solution Architect As Microsoft Azure matures and grows, its data capabilities become more robust and flexible, offering you more options when building your solution. There are many considerations for architects and implementers to evaluate, including balancing data platform flexibility, functionality, performance, cost and availability. Unlike with on-premises implementations, using Azure lets you….

Data & Analytics Partners: Giving Extract, Transform, and Load a new paradigm

By Kajal Mukherjee, Cloud Solutions Architect and Rishi Arora, Cloud Solutions Architect Integration of data from varied sources is a requirement for enterprise analytics. The focus of business users is far more than internal data sources. Structured and unstructured data from various internal and external sources are requirements for decision making. Extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools have long been used to….

ISV and App Builder partners: Developing applications on Microsoft Azure and Office 365

EDITOR’S NOTE: The title and content of this post have been updated to add Office 365 application development services and announce broader availability of Azure application development services. If you’re interested in developing applications on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Partner Network offers services and resources that align to the software application development cycle and help you bring your application to life. More….

Data & Analytics Partners: Azure Data Factory

If you work in the analytics space, it’s a fact that the data you work with will grow. And grow, and grow. As the volume of data grows, the complexity of manipulating those data and obtaining real insights also grows. Managing when, where, why, and how you move the data, and the tools you use to process and analyze the data,….

Data & Analytics Partners: Evolving to the modern data warehouse

Data have become the strategic asset used to transform businesses to uncover new insights. Traditionally, data from transactional systems such as ERP, CRM, and LOB applications are cleansed –  extracted, transformed, and loaded (ETL) – into the data warehouse. However, trends that include increasing data volumes from social apps, real-time data from connect devices (IoT), new sources and types of data, and….

Dynamics 365 Partner Community: Using Power BI with Dynamics 365

Happy New Year, and welcome to the Dynamics 365 Partner blog series for January 2017. This month, our focus is on Microsoft Power BI and how you can use it to enhance reporting and analytics for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Sign up for the January 17 Dynamics 365 community call Microsoft Power BI overview Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service….

Azure Partner Community: Big data, advanced analytics, and lambda architecture

Welcome to part 2 of this month’s Azure Partner Community blog series, about data platforms and advanced analytics. Read part 1. Register for the February 18 Azure Partner Community call Join the Azure Partners group on Yammer Sign up for the Azure Partner email newsletter Read other Azure Partner Community blog posts by Jonathan GardnerUS Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft….

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