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Learn what’s new with Open Source Solutions on our February community call

Microsoft’s Open Source business is strong! About half of our VM images are now running Linux and many of our Azure Marketplace solutions are based on Open Source. Microsoft’s strategy on Open Source is executed through four broad motions. Enable. Enable an open and flexible platform that meets you where you are and adds value to your existing investments. Integrate.….

Recommended sessions at Microsoft Inspire for OSS Partners

Microsoft Inspire is the most important event for our partners to be aware of. It is entirely focused on how you, our partners, and Microsoft will work together to tackle the upcoming fiscal year (FY19), which begins this month. For our partners attending Inspire who are interested in building their Open Source practice, make sure to check out the recommended….

Introducing Microsoft Azure Sphere: The next step in device security

Today we see more and more connected devices powered by microcontrollers—while there are remarkable benefits to gain from this connectivity, it also gives rise to a new wave of vulnerabilities. Given that microcontroller-based devices don’t get updated as often, security concerns are no surprise. At RSA Conference 2018 this April, we announced the preview of Microsoft Azure Sphere, a new solution….

Open Source Technical Enablement resources for your team

During this new era of digital transformation, an increasing number of organizations are investing in cloud IT.  IDC forecasts global public cloud services spending to reach $266 billion by 2021 as enterprises strategically become more open to integrations with open source and open APIs. Research points to Software as a Service (SaaS) to remain the most in-demand cloud computing service, representing almost two-thirds of all public cloud spending in 2017, and estimated to be nearly 60% by 2021. Microsoft empowers partners to truly capture this cloud opportunity and drive their own digital transformation….

Open Source Solutions (OSS) March Updates – What you need to know

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 became generally available in October 2017. This particular release was noteworthy as it brought the world’s leading database to Linux, following the May 2016 announcement. The vision of SQL on Linux follows our mission statement. At Microsoft we want to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. In this case that….

Attend an Azure Linux Migration Workshop

Nearly one in three Azure virtual machines run Linux and 60% of all images in the Azure Marketplace are based on Linux/OSS images. If your customers haven’t turned to you for help migrating and deploying Linux workloads on Azure, it’s likely just a matter of time. That’s why we created the Azure Linux Migration Program—a series of workshops hosted across….

Open Source Partners: Microsoft at KubeCon

The Kubernetes community successfully wrapped up the KubeCon conference in Austin, Texas last week. Couldn’t make it to KubeCon? In this post, I have summarized the announcements and resources released during the conference. Key announcements Microsoft announced three open source projects around serverless containers and Kubernetes-native DevOps as a part of the continuous investment in the Kubernetes community – Open Service….

Join the November 30 Open Source Solutions Community call to learn about Microsoft’s commitment to OSS

Sara Benhamron, Technology Evangelist The Microsoft commitment to helping partners build their practice in the open source space continues with the Open Source Solutions (OSS) Technical Community. The community is here to address your needs as a partner, help you build and sustain a profitable practice with OSS and Microsoft, and learn the technical best practices of first-party and third-party….

Open Source Partners: Microsoft Inspire and OSS training

In this post and on the June 27 Open Source Solutions (OSS) partner call, I will discuss Microsoft Inspire and OSS training resources. Sign up for the June 27 partner call Microsoft Inspire 2017 Microsoft Inspire is my favorite conference. I like the fact that it is completely focused on the partner ecosystem, and that it is the place where….

Open Source Partners: Provision and deliver open source demos on Microsoft Azure

For the April 25 Open Source Solutions Partner Community call, we’ll take a look at a demo framework that simplifies delivery of open source demos on Microsoft Azure and helps you optimize your sales cycle. The framework comprises automation scripts that allow users to provision a demo quickly. For example, if you need to demonstrate a .NET application running on Linux….

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