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Collaboration program membership application

Use this form to apply for membership to any of the antimalware industry collaboration programs led by Microsoft. We will review your application and might contact you for additional information.

Items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required. If you need help or have a question about our programs, please use the contact form.

Are you aware of any existing non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft?*
Please provide the following information. If you are applying for your organization, this person must be authorized to sign a non-disclosure agreement with us.

Your contact information

Please provide your contact information. You will be listed as our primary point of contact for VIA-related communications.

Program participation agreement

To join our collaboration programs, you must sign a program participation agreement.

Please provide the following information. If you are applying for your organization, this person must be authorized to sign a program participation agreement with us.

About your organization

How would you describe your or your organization’s involvement in the security space?*

Is your organization a member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP)?*

Virus Information Alliance

Are you interested in joining the Virus Information Alliance (VIA) program?*

Microsoft Virus Initiative

Are you interested in joining the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) program?*
Company Tech Info
Do you develop antimalware technology that can run on Windows?*

Is this product commercially available?*

Does your company have a research and/or response team dedicated to fighting malware to protect your customers, or the general public?*
For example, how many researchers does your team have, what malware areas do they have expertise in, and do they work from multiple labs and locations?

Does your company participate in industry conferences?*

Please provide links to any press reviews, or industry reviews such as Gartner etc.*

Are you a member of any Antimalware organizations such as the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA, AMTSO)?*

Product Tech Information
Does your Antivirus app provide Real-Time Protection/threat detection and remediation?*

What other products or services does your organization provide?*

Do you publish Antimalware apps for Consumers, Enterprises, or both?*

Is your app certified by a third-party test provider such as (list here), If so, which one(s)? If not, do you have plans to do so?*

Is your app your own creation or based on a third party SDK? If you use an SDK, which one(s)? If you use and SDK, who is signing the file system drivers?*

Coordinated Malware Eradication

Are you interested in joining the Coordinate Malware Eradication (CME) program?*
What information and resources could you contribute to a coordinated campaign (such as telemetry data, expertise, and tools)? Are you willing to initiate and coordinate a campaign, and if so, what malware families are you interested in eradicating?*

Additional details

Please provide any additional information that you believe will assist us when we evaluate your application.

Verify your application and submit

Before submitting your application, review the information you have provided for accuracy.

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Your application has been submitted.