Published Jun 09, 2006|Updated Apr 16, 2011


High |Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Aliases: AdWare.Win32.NewDotNet (Kaspersky) NDotNet (McAfee) W32/NewDotNet.A (Norman) Spyware/ (Panda) NewDotNet (Sunbelt Software) Adware.NDotNet (Symantec) Adware_NewDotNet (Trend Micro) Adware.NewDotNet.AA (VirusBuster)


NewDotNet software serves as an access point to Web sites sponsored by, Inc. The software enables a Web browser to connect to Web sites when valid abbreviations of URLs are entered in the browser address bar. NewDotNet also installs the Quick! Toolbar, a browser helper object (BHO) that presents a list of Web sites based on search keywords, mistyped URLs, or invalid URLs that a user enters in a browser address bar.
After it is installed, NewDotNet may install updates and other programs automatically. NewDotNet may integrate as a Winsock layered service provider (LSP); improper removal of NewDotNet can therefore cause loss of Internet connectivity.


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