Published Apr 03, 2016|Updated Sep 15, 2017


Alert level: High Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: No associated aliases

Windows Defender  detects and removes this unwanted software.

This browser modifier can change your web browser settings without adequate consent.   

This threat is a family that modifies browser search and home page settings, and may download and install additional malware such as Trojan:Win32/Xadupi and Trojan:Win32/Suweezy.

It is usually installed through bundlers such as SoftwareBundler:Win32/Mizenota, SoftwareBundler:Win32/Prepscram, SoftwareBundler:Win32/InstallMonsterSoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader and SoftwareBundler:Win32/Dartsmound.

This threat is part of a suite of malware and unwanted software families that is also called "Fireball". Read about this threat group in the Windows Security blog: 

Understanding the true size of “Fireball”

Find out more about how and why we identify unwanted software.


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