Published Sep 12, 2017|Updated Jan 31, 2018


High |Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Aliases: No associated aliases


Windows Defender Antivirus detects this threat and stops the associated application from running on your network because it has a poor reputation. This application can affect the quality of your computing experience. 

This browser modifier family can make the following changes in your PC (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers) without your consent:

  • Modify your homepage
  • Modify your search provider
  • Add browser extensions and toolbars
  • Disable Browser Security Settings
  • Perform other actions that you might not have intended

This threat is usually installed through bundlers and other unwanted software like BrowserModifier:Win32/Sasquor and BrowserModifier:Win32/Suptab

This threat is an unwanted software. An unwanted software is a program that alters your Windows experience without your consent or control. We use a set of evaluation criteria to determine what programs are classified as unwanted software. As the software ecosystem evolves, so do our evaluation criteria. To learn more, read these blog entries: