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Published May 30, 2007 | Updated Dec 18, 2007


Detected by Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Aliases: DriveCleaner (McAfee) W32/WinFixer.NU (Norman) DriveCleaner (Sunbelt Software) DriveCleaner (Symantec) Freeloa.8F4CBEAA (Trend Micro)


Program:Win32/DriveCleaner locates various registry entries, Windows prefetch content, Windows recently accessed files and other types of data, and identifies them as "Privacy Violations". DriveCleaner then prompts the user to purchase the product in order to remove the alleged 'violations'.
DriveCleaner may place an uninstaller entry in 'Add or Remove Programs' in Control Panel. The entry name may be called 'DriveCleaner Free' or 'DriveCleaner 2006 Free'. If an uninstaller is not available or if you do not want to use the uninstaller that is provided, use Microsoft Windows Defender or another up-to-date scanning and removal tool to detect and remove DriveCleaner and other unwanted software from your computer. For more information, see
Using Windows Defender to remove unwanted software
  1. When any unwanted software is detected, Windows Defender will show a "Remove All" button.
  2. Click the "Remove All" button to remove the unwanted software from your computer.
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