Published Apr 19, 2010|Updated Sep 15, 2017


Alert level: Severe Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: Trojan.Win32.Zapchast.bef (Kaspersky) Trojan horse Generic17.JRF (AVG) TR/Zapchast.bef.2 (Avira) Trojan.Siggen.64331 (Dr.Web) Win32/Bamital.AH (ESET) Trojan.Win32.Zapchast (Ikarus) ZapChast.gen.b (McAfee) Trojan.Win32.Generic.51FC335F (Rising AV)

Trojan:Win32/Bamital.E is a component of the Win32/Bamital family. It is dropped by variants of TrojanDropper:Win32/Bamital to execute code previously saved in specific registry keys. The code is intended to monitor and modify Web search queries and display advertisements. It affects users of Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox browsers.


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