Description published Jun 22, 2011|Description updated Jun 23, 2011


Alert level: Severe Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: Android.Plankton.1 (Dr.Web) Android/Plankton.A trojan (ESET) Trojan.AndroidOS (Ikarus) Trojan.AndroidOS.Plangton.b (Kaspersky) Andr/Plankton-A (Sophos) AndroidOS_ABRUNLOCKR.A (Trend Micro)

Trojan:AndroidOS/Plankton.A is a trojan that affects devices running the Android operating system, such as mobile phones. It may arrive as part of repackaged Android applications and downloaded from third-party Android application markets. Once the application is installed, it collects information about the mobile device and performs actions based on instructions from a remote attacker.


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