Published Sep 30, 2013|Updated Sep 15, 2017


Alert level: Severe Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: W32/FakeAlert.OF.gen!Eldorado (Command) TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen (Avira) Trojan.Inject.44798 (Dr.Web) Win32/Olmasco.Gen trojan (ESET) PWS-Zbot.gen.ig (McAfee) Trojan.Win32.Generic.128AF52C (Rising AV) winpe/Troj_Generic.KLXFQ (Norman) TR/Sirefef.pooine (Avira) Trojan/Win32.Zbot (AhnLab) W32/Trojan.VMAA-4284 (Command) Trojan.Win32.Bublik.bchv (Kaspersky) TR/Bublik.B.77 (Avira) Win32/Spy.Bebloh.J trojan (ESET)

Windows Defender detects and removes this threat.

The Win32/Shiotob family of spyware can monitor your PC to steal your system information, user names and passwords.

They can be downloaded from the Internet or installed by other malware. They can also arrive as an attachment to a spam email.


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