Published Jul 11, 2011|Updated Sep 15, 2017


Alert level: Severe Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: Alureon.A (Command) MBR/Alureon.A (Norman) Boot.Sst.D (VirusBuster) Rootkit.MBR.Sst.A (Boot image) (BitDefender) BackDoor.Tdss.5544 (Dr.Web) Rootkit.Boot.Sst.a (Kaspersky) TDSS!mbr (McAfee) Troj/TdlMbr-D (Sophos) Hacktool.Rootkit (Symantec) TDSSMBR.DE (Trend Micro)

Trojan:DOS/Alureon.C is the detection name for infected Master Boot Records (MBR) produced by certain variants of the Win32/Alureon rootkit family. The rootkit infects 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


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