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Updated on Sep 26, 2013

This program was detected by definitions prior to 1.159.567.0 as it violated the guidelines by which Microsoft identified unwanted software. Based on analysis using current guidelines, the program does not have unwanted behaviors. Microsoft has released definition 1.159.567.0 which no longer detects this program. 

Alert level: high
Updated on Jul 14, 2006
Trojan:Win32/Alemod.C.dr is a Trojan dropper and data-stealing Trojan. Trojan:Win32/Alemod.C.dr infects wininet.dll; Microsoft detects the infected wininet.dll file as Win32/Nsag.B. The dropper installs Trojan:Win32/Alemod.C and Trojan:Win32/Alemod.C.dll. Together these Trojans perform operations such as capturing data from outbound user Web traffic and displaying a hyperlink and dropping shortcuts to the infected user's desktop. These shortcuts may point to spyware-related Web sites.
Alert level: severe