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Everyone at TechEd Wants to Know About Windows Server “Longhorn”

It’s standing room only here at TechEd for Windows Server “Longhorn”. Yesterday morning, Ward Ralston and I delivered a chalk-talk in a small theatre (capacity = 40) in the Technical Learning Center. This was meant to be an informal and “intimate” session for customers to ask all those questions they have around Windows Server “Longhorn”. Well if three’s a crowd in intimate situations, then 120 is probably a “flashmob”. We were packed to the rafters and the session was so popular that we’re delivering it again this evening in a room that holds 500 people.

Ward is also being a bit of a rock star here today, delivering a session this morning on “10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Server ‘Longhorn'” that was also packed out with over 500 attendees. Again, that session is being repeated right now with not an empty seat in the house. The delegates are loving all the new features and improvements in the product and Ward is doing some killer demos on Terminal Services, Read-Only Domain Controllers, Server Core, Network Access Protection and IIS 7.0. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if people start throwing their underwear at him before the end of the session.

This is a great week for Windows Server “Longhorn” here in Boston. Check back here for more updates.

David Lowe.