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Virtual Strategy magazine interview with Mike Neil

Virtual Strategy magazine posted an audio interview with Mike Neil, who’s senior director of virtualization strategy. The interview is nearly 17 mins, and here’s an outline of the discussion:

  1. The Demise of Virtual PC for Mac
  2. Virtual PC 2007 Beta
  3. Microsoft’s Virtualization Roadmap
  4. Three layers of Virtualization
  5. Extension of Resource Management
  6. Revision of Licensing model
  7. Fostering interoperability
  8. Support of linux
  9. Softricity Aquisition
  10. SoftGrid
  11. System Center Virtual Machine Manager (beta)
  12. Intergration with System Center Suite
  13. Supporting standards through DMTF
  14. Microsoft VHD format news
  15. Changes to licensing model
  16. Instance based licensing
  17. Server based licensing