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TechEd 2007: IIS7 is Core and look for the logo

The usual news items are coing from Orlando’s TechEd 2007 location.

One of the biggies yesterday was IIS7 – the new web server in Windows Server 2008 – will be added to the list of roles in the Server Core installation of the OS. Volker blogged about it, and see the Q&A here. This is a recent addition to the Server Core installation – supposedly lots of requests from web hosters and other customers to add it. Perhaps the same folks will request that .NET Framework be supported in the Server Core installation. We shall see. But for the next update of Beta 3, IIS7 and Server Core installation will allow you to host non-ASP.NET web sites and applications, with minimal services and components installed. And don’t forget, there’s open enrollment in the IIS7 go-live license program being offered with beta 3.

Separately today, I was published in an article talking about partner adoption of some of the technologies in Windows Server 2008, namely Powershell, Terminal Services and IIS7. Thanks to Quest Software, Citrix and Monish at for taking time to add their thoughts. In the same article, my colleague Steve Bell announced the new logo program for Windows Server 2008. Here’s the skinny on it:

  • 2 levels of certification: “works with Windows Server 2008” and “Certified for Windows Server 2008”. The latter requires more extensive compliance.
  • look for an automated and free testing utility next month for the “Works with…” certification; “Certified for” won’t be generally available until the fall
  • WiPro now joins VeriTest as a second authorized test agency
  • Steve says the new logo program has reduced the cost of certification by 50%

 If you want to get moving on certification today, go to the Innovate on Windows Server site. You can get familiar with the cert tools, test specs and framework docs. And you also can take advantage of pre-testing services from VeriTest and WiPro.