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Stay tuned for a three part blog series on 3 new features in Windows Server 2012 Group Policy

Hey everyone,

The Group Policy team has a series of blog posts lined up, Group Policy in Windows Server 2012: Overview to cover 3 new features in Windows Server 2012 that should make your life as a Group Policy admin easier. In the next week they will detail each of these improvements covering:

  • Remote GP Update: Allow you to remotely update policy on one client computer or an entire OU, through the GPMC or through Powershell
  • GP Results Report improvements: We’ve changed the layout and added a bunch of new information to the results report, including relevant events, specific callouts for disabled user/computer sections, extension processing time, and more!
  • Infrastructure Status: We’ve made it easy to check in on replication status to make sure GPOs are propagating properly.

If you miss hearing from this team, let them know…. They have been a little quiet lately. So, give them a warm welcome back by shooting over to their blog and posting some comments.

Let them know what topics you would like to hear from them on. I think you GP Admins can probably think of lots of topics you would like to hear more from them on.

Hope everyone in the US at least enjoyed the holiday last week,

Kevin Beares
Senior Community Lead
Windows Server and System Center Group