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Woman with disability wearing headphones sitting at her desk working on her laptop

Accessibility—for everyone

Windows 11 built-in accessibility features empower every person to discover and do the things they love.

Vision features

View things your way—or skip the screen entirely—with Windows 11 display and screen-reading features.

Hearing features

Take in every word with Windows 11 captioning, audio options, and more.

Live captions

Catch every word from any audio with Windows 11 live captions. Perfect for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, live captions automatically transcribe spoken content from any audio, even the microphone, so you can caption apps and even an in-person conversation. 4
Man with disability smiling

Mobility features

Windows 11 Mobility features empower you to interact with your PC in the ways that fit your needs best.


Voice access

Command and control your PC with your voice using Windows 11 voice access, now in preview. 4 Open and switch between apps, browse the web, read, and author emails, and more—all without your mouse and keyboard.
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Neurodiversity and learning features

Unlock your potential with tools to enhance focus, attention, reading comprehension, and more.

Looking for more?

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Microsoft Accessibility

It takes all of us to bridge the disability divide and create a more accessible and equitable world. Learn more about our commitment to accessibility in our technology, workforce, and workplace.

Accessibility support for Windows

Visit our support site to explore all the ways you can make Windows work better for your needs.

Disability Answer Desk

Contact our Disability Answer Desk by phone, chat, or ASL videophone 2 to troubleshoot and find the right feature settings for you.

Windows Insider program

Sign up for Windows Insider to get all the latest features and help shape the future of Windows.
  • Screens simulated. Features and app availability may vary by region.
  • [1] Eye-tracking hardware sold separately.
  • [2] ASL Videophone support is currently offered in the United States only.
  • [3] A list of supported languages and available TTS voices in Narrator is available at Appendix A: Supported languages and voices.
  • [4] US English only for live captions, and voice access.

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